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[Interview] HOF October 2023 @Maksim

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American painter Albert Bierstadt
is known for painting
landscapes of the American West.

He tried to convey his love
and deep reverence for nature
in his works,
and to this end,
he depicted the magnificent beauty
of nature far away from
civilization in his paintings.

His artworks filled with
these emotions contain
fantastic changes in nature
created by light and darkness,
making viewers feel as if
they are being guided to
an unknown place.

Artist @Maksim,
who was selected for
the Hall of Fame in October,
also captures the majestic nature
in his works,
leading us to mysterious
and beautiful landscapes.

We can encounter living,
breathing nature through
the artist's works.

The natural beauty
created by color
and meticulous expression
makes us feel as if
we are facing the scenery
right in front of your eyes.

At the same time,
Maksim also captures nature,
which is full of
life through the flowers,
trees, birds, and animals
that exist within it.

We would like to find out
through an interview
how Maksim came to draw these works.

Now, let’s begin the interview
with the author.

Hello Maksim.
This is the PENUP operation team.

First, congratulations on
being selected for
the Hall of Fame in October 2023.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us your thoughts
on being selected.

A1. @Maksim
Thank you for the congratulations!

My name is Maxim,
I come from Belarus,
I didn’t expect that
they would choose me,
I just love nature,
I wanted to show
how beautiful nature is
and it needs to be protected!

The first work was posted
in July 2022.
Since then, you have been
uploading your work consistently.
we are curious about
how you found out about PENUP
and how you came to
upload your work.

A2. @Maksim
I first became acquainted with PENUP
when I bought a Samsung
Galaxy Note 9 phone for
a couple of years
I just drew but decided to start
uploading drawings PENUP gives
mood and friends and
a good drawing experience.

You were painting natural scenes
in beautiful colors.

We are curious about what devices
and apps these works are created

A3. @Maksim
At the beginning,
I used Sketchbook and
a lot of different programs,
I have a friend who is a programmer,
he wrote a drawing program for me,
it was simple but convenient for me.
But then I started using PENUP
because everything in it
is just good pens,
I wanted to show what can be done
excellent drawings in PENUP
without using third-party programs.

You painted a variety of works,
starting with landscapes,
animals, flowers,
and abstract paintings.
We are curious about
what prompted you to draw.

A4. @Maksim
Perhaps these are the stages
of life through
which I went through art closely
with my spiritual mood
and the world around me,
the world is changing
and I will take it together.

The work contained landscapes
of various places.
We wonder if these places are
real or imagined.

We are also curious about
why you paint landscapes.

A5. @Maksim
Sometimes these are my dreams
and sometimes these are sketches
(of the real nature of our country)
or simply a fictional imagination
of various fantasy worlds.

We are also able to see works
featuring animals such as
birds and cats.
We are curious how you came to
draw this piece.

We are also curious about
what charm animals have
as a subject of your work.

A6. @Maksim
I really love nature
and especially birds.
Birds are beautiful creatures.

Various flowers were also
one of the subjects of the work.
You included a variety of flowers
in your paintings,
from wild flowers
to flowers with colorful petals.
We are curious why you draw flowers.

We are also curious about
which flowers you particularly like
among the flowers
you included in your work.

A7. @Maksim
I have my own house
and I have a lot of flowers.
Sometimes I grow lilies.
I don’t have a favorite flower.
I love all flowers.

We were also able to appreciate
works with a very abstract feel.
We are curious how you came to
draw this work.

We are also curious about
where you get inspiration
for works like this.

A8. @Maksim
The first drawing is a work
based on the novel by Stephen King,
the second one is
just a fairy-tale (character)
sometimes I want something
new and not ordinary.

We are also able to see the feed
containing the work process.
Looking at your delicately
expressed work, it seems like
it takes a lot of time to draw.
We are curious about how long
it usually takes you to draw
one piece.

We are also curious about
what topics you would like to draw
in the future.

A9. @Maksim
It all depends on the complexity
and my mood,
usually about two days,
if these are quick drawings or
remixes then it’s about 4 hours.

Last question.

Please let us know
if there is anything
you would like to see
improved while using PENUP or
anything you would like to share.

A10. @Maksim
Penup is a good application.

But I want more precise settings
for brushes.

For example adjusting fine lines,
I love detail
but can’t adjust brushes.

How was the interview with

Albert Bierstadt has been a painter
who loved painting and nature
enough to paint his works
by exploring and sketching
the Rocky Mountains
in the United States
for three years.

Maksim also showed passion
for painting and love for nature
through works full of
delicate beauty,
from magnificent natural landscapes
to the imagination contained
within them.

For those of you reading this,
why not try incorporating
the scenery you love
into your work?

It would be fun to express
the beautiful nature you saw
and feel through drawings and
explain the emotions
you felt from the landscape.

We hope that everyone's work
will fill PENUP with the joy
of scenery and love for nature.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team