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[HOF] October 2023 @Maksim

It is said that Romanticism elevated
landscape painting to the same level
as history painting, which was
the mainstream at the time.

The Romantics viewed nature
as an ever-changing entity full
of freedom, focusing on the dynamic
changes in nature and the exotic
landscapes, resulting in landscape
paintings that stood distinct from
the prevailing styles.

Particularly, as personal expression
was considered a vital criterion of
art, the focus shifted to
the artist's emotions, imagination,
and the array of emotions they
perceived, instead of simply
portraying the landscape.

Artist @Maksim who captures their
emotions and imagination in
the magnificent and mysterious
landscapes of nature, was selected
for the October Hall of Fame.

Maksim’s works contain
magnificent natural landscapes.

It shows the beauty of nature
by delicately expressing dynamic
movements and changing colors
depending on various factors
such as wind, rain, and sunlight.

At the same time, the various forms
of life that adapt to nature,
such as flowers, birds, and animals,
create the feeling of encountering
nature right in front of your eyes
and experiencing it directly.

In addition, Maksim also creates
artworks that combine
the conflicting feelings of
dreaminess and reality by
incorporating the artist’s
imagination into realistic
natural landscapes.

The artist's emotions and
imagination are filled with
this work, which contains the sea,
the universe, and an abstract
feeling drawn through beautiful
colors and expressions.
We also feel as if we are being
guided into a mysterious world.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
see works filled with beautiful
nature and imagination.

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Also, please check out our upcoming
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