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[Review] Challenge of August (2)

‘Dragon’ is a mysterious animal that
appears in legends and myths.
This was the second challenge topic
for August.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.

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the 2nd challenge of August

Through this challenge, we enjoyed
works containing dragons.

We were able to see dragons that
appear in legends from all over
the world, and it was a fun time
to think about the stories told
through the dragons created throug
various imaginations.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Dragon Riders/ @HTH
Red dragon / @jake

Dragons with horns and bat wings
are flying in the sky.
When you see people wearing helmets
on board, it looks like they are
scouting the surrounding area.
Looking at the sharp, high mountains
blocking the sun and the rugged
mountainous terrain in the distance,
we can understand why people fly
here on dragons.
This artwork is by @HTH.

A dragon sits on top of the castle's
tall tower.
The dragon, covered in numerous hard
red scales, has sharp horns and
bat wings that seem to cover all
directions, creating a fearsome
Looking at the dragon's appearance,
it seems like no one will be able to
approach this castle.
This artwork is by @jake.

Nogard / @AlwaysClassic
Game Over / @ArtisticJ0nes

The dragon appears to be sticking
its head out over the foggy water.
The blue scales sparkle in various
colors as they catch the surrounding
light, and the red eyes, pointed
teeth, and sharp horns create
a mysterious feeling. We wonder what
legend this blue dragon contains.
This artwork is by @AlwaysClassic.

The thing that bursts out of
the wall is a three-headed dragon.
The mouth is wide open with sharp
fangs and a forked tongue, so
it looks like it's about to swallow
something in one go.
If I saw such a scary dragon
in the game, we would be so shocked
that I would quit the game.
This artwork is by @ArtisticJ0nes.

Dragon-fly / @2catsnow
Night time Escape / @jaydeeward

A dragon with thorn-like scales is
flying over the beach with its large
wings spread.
At the end of the dragon's long tail
a dragonfly sits very peacefully.
It is said that the dragonfly got
the name dragon fly because of its
scary appearance.
If you actually see a dragon,
I think you'll find the dragonfly's
appearance cute.
This artwork is by @2catsnow.

On a dark night, a white egg lies on
the lush grass in front of the lake.
As if a new life is being born,
the egg is cracking and breaking
Looking at the mysterious blue
animal with several horns between
the cracks, it appears that this egg
was laid by a dragon.
This artwork is by @jaydeeward.

Gilded / @Anastelfy
dragon princess / @nide

As the day dawns, the dragon's body
turns its original golden color.
The hard scales look as hard and
sharp as the armor worn by a knight.
The golden eyes that are looking
ahead seem to shine sharply, and
a strange smile seems to have spread
across the corners of the mouth.
It makes me imagine that something
big will happen soon.
This artwork is by @Anastelfy.

The dragon with deer horns,
a lion's mane, and a yeouiju appears
to be a blue dragon, a divine beast
of the East. The dragon is looking
in all directions with fierce eyes
as if it is guarding the woman.
Looking at the title, we assume
the identity of the woman who calms
down the dragon by stroking it
is the princess of dragons who
transformed into a human.
This artwork is by @nide.

*Unnamed drawing* (CoN Q&A)
/ @DragonQueen

Early in the morning, the sun pushes
away the darkness and paints
the world with beautiful colors.
Dragons, starting their day's work,
come out of their nests and fly
toward the sky.
It makes me imagine what will
happen today and their stories
in this canyon where dragons
live together.
This artwork is by @DragonQueen.

challeng: let's draw dragon
/ @suttonb3

Red smoke resembling fire is coming
out of the dragon's nose.
The flames that filled
the surrounding area also seemed to
be created by the dragon's
mysterious power.
Now it looks like the dragon is
getting ready to spew fire.
Looks like if it opens its mouth,
huge flames will cover
the whole place.
It depicts a flame dragon with sharp
horns and thorns,
This artwork is by @suttonb3.

These are the 10 winners.

@ AlwaysClassic
@ 2catsnow
@ jake
@ Anastelfy
@ ArtisticJ0nes
@ DragonQueen
@ jaydeeward
@ nide
@ suttonb3

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 1st challenge of September,
‘Let’s draw Fox’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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