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[HOF] September 2023 @mckeijin

The rise of print technology led to
the birth of new characters.

After that, the advent of various
types of media put cartoons and
characters on center stage as
a means to convey information in
a short and concise manner.

But the people who pioneered the art
of animation as we know it today
were painters and artists who wanted
to see their characters actually
move Given the gift of life,
characters were used differently
according to the changes of time
and fashion, and in fact,
they continue to expand their
horizons to this very day.

To induct into our Hall of Fame
for the month of September,
we've chosen @mckeijin,
who is known for creating new
stories with familiar characters.

His work often features a variety of
cartoon characters, all of which
are carefully drawn using delicate
lines and interesting contrasts
in light to create a style that
feels unique to @mckeijin
and capture our attention.

The lively facial expressions of
the characters show a wide spectrum
of emotions, and reveal what kind of
a situation they’re in, therefore
inviting us to use our imagination.

@mckeijin also captures each
character in a way that highlights
the different ways it could appeal
to us.

Sometimes he uses black and white
tones to put more focus on
the various lines and beauties
a character has, and other times,
he tries to capture different
emotions and mood changes in faces
and actions using a broad range of

Check out @mckeijin’s feed now
for a look at various characters and

Join us in congratulating @mckeijin
on making it to the HoF,
press the “Like” button is you see
a character you like, and
don't forget to leave a comment on
what kind of story his work reminds
you of.

Also, please check out our upcoming
interview with @mckeijin.

Thank you.

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