2015-08-13. AM 02:31
  • Hi. PEN.ples~. ^^

    As soon as August's challenge had started, lots of Penple uploaded and shared their pictures.

    Contrary to the concern that participants would be confused in choosing their themes and deciding how to represent them, we were so happy that lots of good pictures with great imagination were uploaded.

    Here is one thing we should remember while we are drawing.

    That is the semicolon project, the goal of which is to present messages of hope and love to those who are struggling for many reasons.
    Let's bear in mind the cause of the project.
    No other events would be more valuable than that which, by using our pictures, can give hope and courage to those people who have lost hope, want to give up their lives.

    The winners of this month's challenge will receive special T-shirts which are made in collaboration with the semicolon project.
    Keep in mind the criteria for deciding winners.
  • * The Criteria for choosing the winners;
    1. The picture or drawing has a semicolon sign(;) on them.
    2. The picture or drawing have some messages of hope and courage.
  • Many people want to see more of your hopeful and encouraging pictures.
    Participate actively in the semicolon project.