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[Challenge] 2023. September : Let's draw Fox

When you think of a fox, you may
think there are only a couple of
different species.
But in fact, foxes live in a variety
of different environments.

There’s the Red Fox, which is found
all over the world,
to the Arctic Fox with snow-white
fur that lives in the Arctic tundra
or in Alaska.

There's also the Tibetan Fox living
in the alpine regions of Tibet,
the Corsac Fox that lives in
semi-deserts, and the Fennec Fox,
a fox with large ears that lives
in the desert.

Wait! There’s more! There’s
the Silver Fox with black and
silver fur, the Blanford's fox with
stripes on its back, and the Pale
Fox known for its black-tipped tail.
There are more foxes than you think,
and they all look different.

Well then, can you guess what we’ve
chosen to feature for our first
challenge in September?
You guessed it! It’s our furry
friend that can live literally
anywhere in the world.
It’s the 'Fox'

A secret friend Fox & Fairy
/ @MagicOfArt
Fox in the morning / @hosio

The fox, a member of the Canidae
family, has a short snout when
they’re young, which is why they’re
often mistaken for dogs.

But as they grow, foxes quickly
develop longer snouts, making them
much easier to distinguish from dogs

Also, despite being a canine,
most foxes are independent.
And they’re very curious animals.
They way they touch new things
make them more cat-like than

In some cases, a fox might even
disguise itself as a chicken to hunt
It’s just a smart animal with
a clever brain.

☆Fox Girl☆ / @IceLady
The fox shrine / @Shine

Asia has plenty of folk stories and
legends starring foxes.

Korea has legends of nine-tailed
foxes or fox-like monsters that
bewitch people.

In a story based on the fall of
China's first kingdom, the culprit
that caused the downfall appears
as a nine-tailed fox, Japan has
its own story of a nine-tailed fox
from China wrecking havoc in Japan.

We think you’ll have a great time
drawing and painting foxes from
stories known in your country or

fox / @Alex
Peaceful night / @I_AM_EMZ

Both in the East and West, people
saw foxes as bad omens
mostly because of how cunning
they are.

Foxes often killed or stole chicken,
which were a valuable commodity,
they ruined fields, and they would
dig burrows near grave sites.
That gave foxes a pretty bad
reputation historically.

Today, however, they're very
popular as pets given how cute,
charming, and smart they are.

What comes to your mind when you
think about foxes?

Join this month’s Fox challenge
with foxes you may have seen
yourself, foxes you personally like,
foxes from various stories, or foxes
from your own imaginary world!

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from September. 1, Fri (GMT)
to September. 15, Fri (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
June differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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