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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

For our first challenge in August,
we asked all of you to draw
something inspired by or linked to
‘Fire’ the crucial element that
helped humanity develop into
the civilization it is today.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.

Go to the epilogue of
the 1st challenge of August

We got so many awesome drawings and
pictures for your Fire challenge
this month.

Some were about fire as an everyday
tool we use, whereas others focused
on how fire changed the course of
human history, and how fire can lead
to both destruction and the birth
of something new.
We had a great time taking in
the creativity all of you were able
to send our way.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

The Candle / @Sam
Caveman discovers fire / @Kchana

First, we have a candle offering
precious light to someone who may
have been reading in the dark.
The fire burning in the wick of
the red candle fills
the surroundings with soft light.
Next to the candle is a branch with
red berries and a teacup filled
with hot tea.
This piece that reminds us of
winter nights leading up to
Christmas is from @Sam.

Here, we have two people right next
to a large bonfire.
One of them appears quite fearless.
He’s holding a lit torch of some
kind right next to the fire despite
the roaring flames.
Meanwhile, the other person is
staring directly into the flame,
looking quite curious.
Reading the title, this could be
the very moment the human race,
which had been hiding in dark
caves to that point, discovered
This artwork is by @Kchana.

your my hero / @xabat
La danza del fuego... / @Chapita

A firefighter is walking out of
a burning building with a child
in his arms.
Despite the violent flames and thick
smoke, the firefighter appears to be
checking on the child to make sure
she is safe and unharmed.
This heartfelt tribute to
firefighters who sacrifice
themselves in the face of grave
danger to protect us
is from @xabat.

Next, we have a woman in a dress
Her hair tossed up into the air and
her hand held up high has flames
radiating out of them. The fire
seems to be lighting up the dark.
This might be a beautiful depiction
of how her passionate dance
is adding fire and light to her
This artwork is by @Chapita.

Night by candlelight / @REEM_ZRZORI
The fire horse. / @Loris

A woman sitting in front of a mirror
is staring into a lit candle.
It feels like she’s thinking
intently about something as she
stares blankly at the burning flame.
Looking around at the rest of
the room, the way the light
seemingly fades into the wind makes
everything look cozy.
Maybe she’s just immersed in
the ambiance of her room, lost in
whatever thought.
This artwork is by @REEM_ZRZORI.

Then, we have a horse with its mane
burning up toward the sky.
The mane appears to have caught fire
as the horse blows out air from its
mouth, The flames are radiating
mysterious bits of fire into the air
as well.
Wonder what kind of legend this
horse with a fiery mane comes from?
We’d love to know more!
This artwork is by @Loris.

Raging fire / @Branka
Fire / @lyh

Here, we have a fire that looks
It looks like it’s about to devour
everything in its path.
It's emitting heat and smoke,
spreading embers in every direction.
Seeing the surroundings change with
the smoke and soot,
reminds us how devastating fires
can be.
This artwork is by @Branka.

Next to that is a little log fire.
The fire, all orange and yellow,
feels like it’s spreading warmth.
Just outside the frame, there might
be a handful of people huddled
around the fire talking as they wait
for the food to cook.
This artwork is by @lyh.

(Untitled) / @cyntiaK

She looks like she’s in the water,
but her hair also looks like it's
on fire.
Her orange and yellow hair swaying
in the water, really looks like
a roaring fire.
The blue fish swimming toward her
might be because of the heat she’s
This artwork is by @cyntiaK.

love you / @nocky

A flame is burning on the tip of
a matchstick.
The countless lines rippling out
look like the light and warmth
created by the flame.
Reading the title, “love you,”
the matchstick and flame
could be a metaphor for burning
oneself to share light and warmth
with others.
This artwork is by @nocky.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in
the comments.

The 2nd challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Dragon’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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