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[Interview] HOF August 2023 @KateSok

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The French painter
Jean-Baptiste Corot is said
to have influenced numerous painters

He was interested in the role of
light and light and shade, studied
them, drew works, and suggested
a new direction from romanticism
to impressionism, and was called
'father coro'.

His work contains beautiful colors
and flows expressed through his
research, and it is said that it is
a work that seems to damage a piece
of poetry and has inspired many
people to this day.

Artist @KateSok, who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in August, also
draws a beautiful landscape that
seems to come out of a verse in
a poem.

KateSok's artwork is full of
beautiful scenery.

The works created by lines and
colors are filled with abundant
scenic beauty, so you can feel
the ever-changing flow and
transformations of nature
in every moment.

Along with this, KateSok also shows
various works, such as expressing
the charm of life through works
of various people or animals, and
expressing new imaginations in
coloring patterns.

We are curious how KateSok came to
draw this piece.

So, let's start the interview with
the artist.

Hello artist.
This is PENUP manager.
First, congratulations on being
selected for the August 2023
Hall of Fame.

Please tell us about yourself.

A1. @KateSok
Hello Penup team and all.
First of all,
I would like to thank you very much
for the HOF nomination, it was very
unexpected and a big surprise for me
It's an absolute honor for me
because there are many great artists
who have incredible talent
(I still consider myself a beginner)
and that's why I really appreciate
this award...It was one of my dreams
for the future and thanks to you it
just came true . Thank you for this
from the bottom of my heart!
In fact, when the star appeared on
my avatar, at first I thought that
someone had hacked my account and
was making fun of me ☺ But then
I started receiving the first
congratulations from my friends who
also noticed and that confirmed to
me that it probably won't be a joke.

A little about me…
My name is Kateřina and I come from
the Czech Republic.
I am happily married and my husband
and I have a small company for
the service and sale of municipal
equipment of a European brand. So
I am extremely busy with work and
my escape from everyday stress and
reality is through drawing.
I love beautiful nature, animals and
my family. I love communicating with
nice people and meeting new ones.

The first piece was uploaded in
June 2022.
Since then, you have been constantly
uploading your work.
We are curious about how you came to
know about PENUP and upload your work.

A2. @KateSok
I have always been a user of
Samsung phones, but every time
I chose basic models that were
enough for me to deal with
formalities on a daily basis.
However, my husband already bought
me a higher-end phone
(now I have an S22 Ultra) and I came
across the Penup application while
familiarizing myself with
the phone's functions. Since I've
always enjoyed drawing, I slowly
started to get to know this great
application. As you mentioned,
I first started using the app in
June 2022. Since then I have been
a daily user of Penup.
I was completely blown away by
the app and the community of people.

In my first drawings, you can see that
I don't yet know how to use
the tools that are available in
the application. They are more like
sketches. And the possibility of
exhibiting works and including
my drawing for display is offered..
But with practice, I slowly started
to find out and learn which tool
to use for what. The advantage of
digital drawing is that you can try
everything and possibly erase if
something doesn't work out. It is
a huge luxury and benefit of this
type of drawing. The advantage of
this drawing is also to draw in
layers, I use this option a lot.

You painted a beautiful landscape
of nature.
What kind of devices and apps these
works are being created through?

A3. @KateSok
I paint on the S6 Lite tablet or
the S22 Ultra phone.

I only paint in 2 apps, Penup or
Each application has something in it
PENUP has very limited options
in tools, but with the knowledge of
how to use them, it sometimes has
a much better result.
I mainly use Penup now to draw
animals and people, and I draw
landscapes in the Sketchbook app.

From landscapes to portraits of
people and animals, you have been
capturing various themes in
your artwork.
We wonder how you came to paint.

A4. @KateSok
My grandmother drew very beautiful
pictures, so drawing has always been
very close to me. In my childhood,
I went to various painting clubs, but
then somehow I left it.
About 5 years ago, I just signed up
for a drawing course, where they
taught me how to look at drawing
differently. How to see shadows that
I didn't even notice before.
I enjoy playing with light.
But I only started drawing with
this application.

The beautiful landscape painting
felt like a real place.
What kind of place you put in
the picture?
We also wonder if there are
any other memorable places.

A5. @KateSok
The places are really real, I am
looking at photos that are freely
available on the Internet. Sometimes
I take a really long time choosing
a photo because it has to be
something I can draw. I'm still
a beginner. The photo must attract
me with light, reflections or
a really nice place where I would
like to be at that moment.
They exhibit their drawings under
the hashtag relaxation, because in
today's busy and chaotic times,
almost everyone subconsciously wants
to escape somewhere where there is
peace and well-being.

In addition to the beautiful
scenery, you put various people
and animals in your artwork.
How you came to draw these works?

A6. @KateSok
As I wrote, I love animals and
nice people. I really like drawing
animals, I respect them and at
the same time I enjoy their cuteness
PENUP is full of child users and
I know I will make them happy.
I'm not very good at drawing
portraits of people, but I'm trying
to learn. If I spend long enough
time drawing a face, sometimes
I get the face right. You can always
improvise when painting a landscape,
but not when painting the faces of
famous people, so I don't always
succeed in what I want to portray.
It's always a challenge for me.

I was able to see the feed that
posted the process of working.

Why you posted the process of
Also, looking at the process of
working carefully, you seem to have
a lot of affection for the work,
We wonder if there are any works
that you remember.

A7. @KateSok
I'm posting my work because I've had
unpleasant communication here in
the past that I copy photos from
the Internet and then display them.
At that time, I used the Sketchbook
application more, which can share
creations on Penup, and at
the same time I received
a new S6 lite tablet from my husband
My drawings were suddenly
much better thanks to the tablet and
using Sketchbook, because there are
many more tools in this application,
so it was incomprehensible to
someone that I suddenly improved
in drawing. The aim of my drawing is
to make my drawings look almost like
a photo. I sometimes paint one thing
for several hours over several days
and try to achieve the exact drawing
on the photo. That's why I often
make procedures now and usually link
to the base pattern so people can
compare. Regardless of the fact that
some people are interested in how
a drawing is created and how it is
drawn, for example in layers, which
I use a lot. I also like to watch
and be inspired by the other great
artists who are here with us.

I could also see her making remix
works with other penple
with various themes.

I'm curious how you came to do
the remix and what kind of charm
you felt.

A8. @KateSok
I really like remixes,
it's absolutely amazing to observe
how everyone sees the same basic
drawing differently. I always enjoy
checking out popular remixes.
Some even entertain with a funny
addition to the drawing.
Yes, I perceive remixes very
positively in this application.
It's another way to fill time with
painting and fun.

We were also able to see works
using coloring designs.
You turned a simple design into
a really beautiful piece of art.
What inspired you to create
this piece?

A9. @KateSok
I mainly draw at night because
I don't have time for it during
the day. I draw coloring books when
it's really late and I just want to
draw something quickly to calm
myself down and go to sleep. I draw
inspiration from the given topic.
Sometimes I have them quite gloomy,
that's because I try to play with
shadows and play with light and
different reflections. Sometimes
I just quickly redraw them and draw
a completely different subject.
I really enjoy coloring books
as quick fun.

Last question.
Please tell us if you have anything
you would like to improve or
the story you want to tell while
using PENUP

A10. @KateSok
Using the PENUP app is a guarantee
of amazing and creative fun, and
at the same time people from all
over the world gather and get to
know each other here. It is very
positive in today's "strange" times.

I just have a few suggestions for
changes that would make my job
easier and make the app more

I'm not very good at English, and
many of my friends write
a description for the exhibited
drawing that contains important
information. Unfortunately, it is
not possible to use a translator
in the descriptions, so I have to
laboriously translate everything.
It would be great to add this
translation option.

Furthermore, I would welcome
the expansion of tools or
the possibility of scattering
the given tool, for example, markers
or brushes or a blur pen. It would
be nice to add at least basic
options for effects such as gloss.
Now for a fire contest, a lot of
users could use it and the drawing
would be perfect.

The last point is that in
competitions some people exhibit
works downloaded from the Internet.
I think that only one application
should be used for the competition
and that is Penup. They would all
have the same starting line and
it wouldn't be possible to cheat.
It's just my personal view of
the problem that some users are
dealing with and bothering them.
But I believe that you are a team
of professionals and you will
reveal these drawings immediately.

I wish Penup many happy users like
me. I really like this app and dare
to say that it has changed my life
for the better.

I also want to thank all my Penup
friends for their amazing support
and lovely comments, which always
make me very happy. I love you and
it's thanks to you that Penup is
so great❤

Greetings to everyone and thank you
all for your support and kind words.

How was the interview with

Jean-Bastille Corot is said to
have said, ‘Beauty in art is
the truth wrapped in impressions
felt in nature.’

KateSok also showed the realistic
appearance of nature they saw and
the impressive emotions
they felt in it as a beautiful work.

To all of you who are reading
this article, why not take a look
around and capture the striking
nature in your work?

It would be fun to express various
emotions ranging from realistic to
abstract, and to share stories about
the scenery with others.

We hope that PENUP will be filled
with various impressions of nature
with everyone’s work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team