2023-07-28. AM 02:18
[HOF] August 2023 @KateSok

There are various colors and flows
in the change of nature.

The wind blows, the water flows,
the waves hit, and the clouds
drift away, creating countless lines
and beautiful colors.

Even in the works of painters who
paint nature, the different emotions
felt by the change of scenery are
intact, and the scenery viewed at
the same place and time is expressed
with different feelings.

That's why the changing nature is
loved by many as a factor that
creates sparkling inspiration
from the past to the present.

Artist @KateSok, who captures
beautiful changes by incorporating
the colors and lines of nature into
her works, was selected for
the Hall of Fame in August.

This artist is painting
a beautiful landscape.

KateSok is showing the charm of
nature by observing
the ever-changing nature and
meticulously expressing the various
colors and dynamic lines contained
in it.

Along with this, he captures
the unique mood and impressions of
the scenery that is easy to pass
by capturing the appearance of
cities and streets that can
be encountered around her.

In addition, he draws the dynamics
of life through figures and animals,
and paints coloring designs and
fills in empty spaces to capture
his colorful imagination.

The process of drawing these works
shows interest and passion
for painting, as well as
the inspiration that I saw and felt.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
meet the artworks that contain
various characters and imagination
from beautiful scenery.

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for the works you liked and with

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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