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[Challenge] 2023. July : Let's draw Forest

Forest captivates our eyes
with its ever-changing landscapes
across the seasons.

In spring, it announces new
beginnings with vibrant sprouts and
blooming flowers.
In summer, it shows the vitality of
lush foliage.

In Autumn, leaves and fruits painted
in various colors reveal an abundant
harvest season.
And in cold and snowy winter, each
branch adorns itself with snowflakes,
creating a mysterious and beautiful

The second challenge theme for July
is 'Forest' a beautiful place
created by the trees.

My Forest / @Van_Lee
Stars tree in the blue forest /@Sam

It is said that forests cover
about 10% of the Earth's total
surface area.

Forests not only have an impact on
the water cycle and the generation
and preservation of soil but also
serve as a habitat for diverse
organisms, preventing soil erosion.

They also provide oxygen, allowing
us to breathe and survive, and act
as natural filters for air pollutants

Currently, the forest area is
decreasing due to logging, and
disasters such as landslides and
floods occur frequently,
So, forests are crucial places that
require our attention and care.

☆Night forest illustration☆
/ @N.D.Timea
Crisp night / @ucru

Forests evoke contrasting images
within us.

Throughout history, nature has been
worshiped as divine.
Forests have been considered places
of mystical energy where we could
obtain wood, fruits, and encounter
various animals.

On the other hand, when a forest
becomes dense, it is dark even
during daylight, making it easy to
get lost.
It has also been perceived as
a place full of risks, such as
thieves, wild animals, poisonous
mushrooms, and snakes.

It would be enjoyable to draw your
own image of a forest in a painting.

forest / @nuni
deep in the forest /@FatemaMusharrof

Forests take on various
characteristics depending
on the region.

There are mangrove forests,
where the roots breathe above
the water, and tropical rainforests
thrive in hot and humid climates,
hosting a diverse range of plant

In temperate climates, there are
coniferous forests with greyish soil
due to the slow decomposition of
deciduous leaves.
And pristine primeval forests like
Taiga, untouched by human hands,
preserve the essence of
ancient nature.

What image of a forest comes to
your mind right now?

Take on the challenge by capturing
the scenery of the forests you have
personally witnessed, the various
creatures living in it, or even
the forest you imagined.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from July. 16, Sun (GMT)
to July. 31, Mon (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
July differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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