2015-08-12. AM 04:31
  • Hello~, PEN.ples^^

    Last month, there was a series of drawings of buildings, which included the landmark around one’s home, house or a part of house and the surrounding streets.

    We can recall that sketchers around the world gathered together at the 2015 Urban Sketcher and made drawings of the surrounding and find the beauty that was easily passed by without knowing.

    We hope that through this challenge, you have had a good look around the places that you have just passed by and captured the hidden beauty.
  • The topic for July’s challenge was “Let’s Draw a Building”.
    We previously asked you and to draw buildings with the use of Infinite Painter’s Perspective function, which is a feature for guide lines that can help you draw a perspective drawing.
    And said standards in opting for gift winner as follow ;

    * Standards in opting for gift winner

    - Drawings of buildings, hoses and landscape around their home, which used the perspective feature in the Infinite Painter app.
    - Please insert the following tag in your postings: #InfiniteChallenge2015

    There were some who drew fantastic buildings by skillfully using the new feature.
    But, There may have been some PEN.ple’s who have felt difficulties in using the function as they were not familiar with it.

    Even though Infinite Painter was not used in this case, we hope many of you will use this wonderful app in the future among them, we have selected 25 winners who have beautifully presented the places where they were familiar with.

    For that in mind, the development team of Infinite Painter has prepared the app coupons as winner's prize.
    Now, several pictures will be introduced, and at the end the final winners(25) will be announced.
  • 1. “Landmark” on canvas

    We have collected art pieces that have beautifully presented the representative landmarks or hot spots of each country, which includes Venice, the city of lake, Eiffel Tower in Paris and Universal Studio in U.S.
  • 2. Landscape, a series of beautiful sceneries

    Landscape takes a huge portion in PEN.UP drawings. There were many drawings of landscapes that go along well with the buildings.
    Spotting out a building in the landscape can be the highlight of the challenge.
  • 3. “My only space” that one wants to share with PEN.ple’s

    We have also collected drawings that represent a special place only one knows, a beautiful place kept in the memories and the house and the surrounding.
    Enjoy other people’s places in their memories.
    They may convey their own attractiveness different from fascinating and popular sceneries.
  • 4. Drawings of buildings that are in perspective with the use of “perspective” feature

    There is also a collection of building drawings that display a sense of “perspective”.
    The special feature of a drawing that well conveys “perspective” is the one that shows space and distance.
    If you want to know more about the Infinite Painter-Perspective feature, why don’t you ask them?
  • Besides, Narrow Lane 01, India - @Nitin.Kurvey / New Orleans - @NYS-ART / Night's city - @URBAN8 / seaside village - @SPR / Summer in Greece - @Luighseach / Ancient palace (Korea) - @Ray / Eiffel Tower - @soguk-nevale / Venice...the city of love♡♡♡ - @Martinzz88 has created a wonderful building for this challenge.

    Congrats to everyone who won the challenge!

  • If you have been selected as a winner, please e-mail us at
    As said, we will send you a coupon presented by Infinite Painter Development Team.

    Please refer to below if you want to find out how you could use the coupon.
  • * How to use the coupon
    Step 1. Update the newest version of Infinite Painter.
    Step 2. Click on the “option” button on the upper right side.
    Step 3. Click on “store”.
    Step 4. Look down to the screen and find the “Apply Coupon” on the upper right side.
    Step 5. Insert in the coupon number.

    This coupon can be a very useful gift as it unlocks all features and functions in Infinite Painter.
    Convey your insights and thoughts onto the canvas by utilizing all features of Infinite Painter.

    * Caution to the winners: You should send us the e-mail by August 21, or else your gift can be cancelled.