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[HOF] July 2023 @Gigiv.

Various charms are hidden in
the faces and expressions of
the characters.

It also depends on the color
the person has, such as hair, eyes,
and skin.

You can feel different moods and
charms in various facial features,
such as angular or round faces high
and low noses,and large and
small mouths.

The emotional expression of this
face contains the situation of
the character, which stimulates
our vision and imagination.

In the Hall of Fame in July,
@Gigiv. who is expressing
the charm of a person with various
expressions in a picture.
Author has been selected.

The artist's work shows the charm of
portrait painting.

The various expressions shown by
the characters with different faces
make it feel that the same emotions
have different moods.

In addition, the changes in the face
that change while making expressions
are carefully drawn through sketches
and colors, giving the impression of
actually facing the person, and
making people curious about
the story contained in the person.

Along with this, the author's work
also shows that facial expressions
are not only possessed by humans,
but animals also have them.

It captures the various images of
animals that live around us, such as
dogs and cats, and makes us feel
that they are conveying their
emotions to those around them
through their facial expressions.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
see the beautiful works.

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Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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