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[Review] Challenge of June (1)

‘Thunderbolt’ a mysterious natural phenomenon created
by clouds, was the subject of the first
challenge in June.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.

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the 1st challenge of June

Through this challenge,
we were able to see works
depicting lightning.

We were able to appreciate
the great and mysterious scenery
of nature through the lightning
strikes in various places, and
it was a fun time to come up with
new stories through various
imaginary lightning related to God.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Waiting for the storm to pass
/ @Kchana
Lighting through rose
colored glasses! / @bessbess

A ship floating on the open sea is
preparing to meet the ordeal.
All the sails were folded and
the deck was covered with a roof
to prepare for the approaching storm
Looking at the lightning flashing
like the sun created by the clouds
covering all sides, it seems to
convey the tension between the ship
and the crew watching the storm.
This is the work of @Kchana.

Dark clouds hung in the sky, and
flashes of lightning began to shoot
The lightning that falls from cloud
to cloud and over distant mountain
peaks is dyeing the world with its
own light.
The lightning that turned the forest
red probably indicates the beginning
of the rainy season and summer.
This is the work of @bessbess.

Time to go Home / @Donna
electric night / @xabat

Dark clouds are gathering, covering
the blue sky and pouring out
The family who was playing on
the hill seems to be preparing
to go back in a hurry in the weather
that looks like it will rain. After
cleaning up the place where we
were playing, we wonder if we will
go straight down the hill and head
This is the work of @Donna.

It looks like it has been raining
heavily on the streets that reflect
the surrounding colors.
However, lightning strikes the power
transmission tower at the bus stop.
A bus passing by just in time sees
the lightning and seems to run away
in a hurry to avoid it.
A dark night, rain, and a unique
atmosphere created by lightning,
It’s the work of @xabat.

In St♡rm of ` / @SamTaqvi
Less than a second/몇 초도 지나지
않은 순간에 / @Green_Fluorite

Lightning strikes through the thick
black clouds.
The lightning bolts stretching here
and there draw male and female faces
on the clouds.
Perhaps, people in the past created
stories of gods after seeing
the human figure drawn by lightning,
like a work of art.
This is the work of @SamTaqvi.

Huge lightning bolts are pouring
down from the sky towards the ground
The streaks of light created by
lightning spread throughout
the atmosphere, coloring
the surrounding landscape in
a different color than usual.
He seems to be fascinated by
the intense and beautiful
fleeting moment created by lightning
and stops to admire the scenery.
This is the work of @Green_Fluorite.

A bad time / @Animometrajes
back to the stone age / @nuni

Walking down the street, she seems
to be stopped by the change of
In the sky filled with dark clouds,
as if lightning were dancing,
numerous streaks of light were
created, and as if rain was about to
pour, the streets were thick with
fog. She probably had an unpleasant
time reading the book in her hand
and not seeing the sudden change in
This is the work of @Animometrajes.

A mammoth with curved ivory is
walking on the white snowfield.
As if it had snowed a little while
ago, white snow was piled up
on top of the mammoth, but as if
the snow would continue to fall,
the dark sky was filled with
lightning instead of sunlight.
Looking at the ominous weather and
the mammoth being left alone,
we wonder if it hints at their
dark future, now extinct.
This is the work of @nuni.

The storm is coming / @Abex
City Night / @CAREUS

Lightning is falling through
the clouds towards the sea.
The rough waves and clouds filling
the sky seem to tell us that
the weather around us is gradually
getting worse.
Lightning, which creates light that
illuminates the surroundings like
daylight, seems to be a precursor to
a powerful storm coming.
This is the work of @Abex.

The city is immersed in darkness.
The bright neon signs and lights
that illuminate the surroundings are
also covered by strong rain,
and the water fog that blooms from
the lake in front of the city is
gradually spreading into the city.
The clouds in the sky now seem to be
pouring out powerful lightning along
with rain.
The gloomy city feels like something
is about to happen.
This is the work of @CAREUS.

These are the 10 winners.

@ Abex
@ Kchana
@ bessbess
@ Donna
@ xabat
@ Green_Fluorite
@ SamTaqvi
@ Animometrajes
@ nuni

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the comments.

The 2nd challenge of June,
‘Let’s draw Hairstyle’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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