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[Interview] HOF June 2023 @lyh

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Vincent Van Gogh one of the greatest
painters in the history of
Western art, put hope and love into
his work as well as the weight of

It is said that he expressed
the weight of human life in
the beauty of nature with intense
colors and brush strokes, and put
his inner feelings into his works.

Through this, it contains emotions
and anguish about life, makes it
feel lively and energy, expresses
pain and joy, conveys comfort and
sympathy, and shows the beauty of
nature and life to many people to
this day.

Artist @lyh, who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in June,
also draws pictures of people and
nature beautifully with various

The artist captures various emotions
in her works through color and

Landscapes and still lifes created
with intense colors and brush
strokes like oil paintings express
various emotions that can be felt in
nature through unique textures.

Along with this, the rough sketches
and softly colored figures of
the characters show their emotions,
as well as the gaze of the artist
looking at the characters.

We would like to find out how
the artist came to draw these
works through interviews.

So, let's start the interview with
the artist.

Hello artist.
This is PENUP manager.
First, congratulations on being
selected for the june 2023
Hall of Fame.

Please tell us about yourself.

A1. @lyh
Hello. thanks again.
I am honored to receive this honor.
Firstly my name is yunhan from China
I have been practicing painting for
almost 19 years.
painting is a hobby that I have
always adhered to,
the process of painting makes me
relax and enjoy.
To tell you the truth,
I was surprised when I learned that
I had been chosen Of course,
Penup's selection criteria is very
strict, and we can see that
the paintings by artists are extremely
wonderful. Thank you.

The first piece was uploaded in
October 2020.
Since then, you have been constantly
uploading your work.
We are curious about how you came to
know about PENUP and upload your work.

A2. @lyh
I found PENUP was an accident.
I like painting, and I also like
digital products.
I learned about PENUP in a forum
Then I bought Samsung note10 and
started my digital painting.

You drew beautiful works of
We wonder what kind of devices and
apps these works are created with.

A3. @lyh
The two paintings in the picture are
both done in Autodesk sketchbook,
and of course both are done with
Galaxy note10.

You painted a variety of works,
from landscapes to portraits..

We are curious about what inspired
you to paint.

A4. @lyh
Not only drawing, but also I like
taking pictures in my spare time.
When I see something that inspire me
I will take pictures afterwards,
draw them. Of course, sometimes
I will browse some online images.

There were various landscapes in
the work.
We wonder what inspired you to paint
this landscape.

We saw many oil painting-like
artworks and wanted to know
the charm of this painting style.

A5. @lyh
I have taken part in painting
competitions that focus on
landscapes, which is an area that
greatly interests me.
I drew inspiration from Sorolla's
work and painted a wooden boat.
As an artist, I enjoy working with
oil paints because of their unique
texture and the way pigments can be
stacked and layered on canvas.
In fact,
I have started to incorporate
realistic oil painting techniques
into my digital work, which I find
both challenging and rewarding.
I believe that oil painting's
visual impact is incredibly powerful
and can bring a certain level of
uniqueness to my art.

We were able to see the faces of
many people.
It was fun to appreciate works that
have a different feel from landscape
We are curious about what inspired
you to draw the figure.

A6. @lyh
In the first image,
there is a portrait of a model with
an Asian face. While practicing
my portrait painting skills,
I realized that even though I had
painted quite a bit already,
each attempt helped me identify
my weaknesses and improve
my technique.

The second image depicts a grape
challenge that was officially
To create the artwork,
I decided to merge elements of
scenery, people, and still life.
The final product showcased a girl
stepping on grapes and demonstrated
some traditional and ancient
methods of winemaking.

Among the various portraits,
the works that seemed to depict
acquaintances drew attention.
We are curious about what
inspired you to create this piece.

Also, We wonder how the people
around you reacted.

A7. @lyh
She is the girl I have known for
the longest time in PENUP. In fact,
I saw her works after I successfully
registered for the first time and
left a deep impression on me.
when I finished and showed my painting
to her, she was very happy and drew
a portrait for me.
everyone likes these two portraits

You also have painted a variety of
still lifes, from flowers to fruits.
We wonder why you drew this types.

Also, there were various still-life
materials, and we are curious about
what is your favorite material
for painting.

A8. @lyh
When I frist time,
attended an art studio to learn
painting techniques. Our lessons
started with practicing sketching,
geometry, and plaster, which are
fundamental to painting. However,
what caught my attention the most
were the still life paintings of
This simple subject revealed
the depth of a person's basic
painting skills.
My preferred choice of pigment
is oil, as it offers strong coverage
and allows for the depiction of
texture and the expression of
complex tone levels in objects.

Various places appeared in the work.
We wonder how you drew these places.

We are curious if there is a work
you want to draw in the future.

A9. @lyh
These two paintings were created
using Artrage, but they were
approached differently.
The image on the left was achieved
by adjusting the dilution and
tinting of the pigment, which is
a useful technique
for drawing clouds.
On the right, I opted for
a thick coated texture, utilizing
the strong shaping effect and
coverage of pigments, and painting
with a scraper. Moving forward,
I plan to focus on still life
paintings and share the objects
I see with my own eyes through
my artwork.

Last question.
Please tell us if you have anything
you would like to improve or
the story you want to tell while
using PENUP

A10. @lyh
As PENUP's user base spans across
different age groups,
the art preferences of each individual
also vary. What may be acceptable to
one may not be to another.
This can be a challenge for mature
users who wish to create more
mature works but face resistance
from younger users.
In my opinion, art should be
appreciated regardless of age.
to address this, I suggest creating
separate areas for juveniles and
Users can freely choose which area
they want to engage in.
These are just my personal thoughts,
and I am grateful for
the opportunity to share them
through this interview.

How was the interview with

It is said that Vincent van Gogh
was a painter who always tried
new things and tried to find joy
in them even in his short life.

The artist was showing a variety of
pleasures as well by drawing
numerous subjects ranging
from landscapes to figures and
still lifes.

To all of you who are reading
this article, how about trying
something different from
existing ones?

It would be fun to create new works
using various methods, from topics
that have not been drawn before,
to new painting techniques, or
brushes and colors, and to share
opinions about it with everyone.

We hope PENUP will always be full
of joy with new works.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team