[HOF] JUNE 2023 @LYH

2023-05-30. AM 02:15
[HOF] June 2023 @lyh

The invention of oil painting is
said to have brought about a great
change in painting.

For painters who have used water,
it is because they can paint with
other paints, so they can mix and
match the colors they want, and
it takes a long time to dry, so
they can correct the color.

In addition, it is said that it is
possible to use various effects by
covering colors on top of colors
to give various feelings, and
to make the outlines softer, so that
a softer and deeper picture is drawn,
awakening a new sense.

In the Hall of Fame in June,
the artist draws new sensations with
the feeling of oil painting
made by adding color to digital
drawings, @lyh was selected.

The artist's work contains beautiful

It captures the scenery of
the surrounding streets or travel
destinations, as well as the objects
located here and there, through
intense expressions full of vitality

The various new senses created by
the colors and brush strokes of
the work express the emotions felt
by the viewer, starting with
the ever-changing nature that
we can feel.

In addition, through works that
capture the appearances of various
characters, attention is drawn to
the carefully expressed light and
shadow, and the emotions contained
in the facial expressions.

Through these works, you can look at
the character's characteristics,
infer the narrative and thoughts
contained in it, and have time to
understand and think about
the other person's feelings.

Stop by the author's feed now and
meet the works that contain
beautiful expressions and colors.

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please don't forget to press 'Like'
your favorite work and write down
your impressions of the work.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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