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[Interview] HOF May 2023 @youngsook

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Theodore Rousseau, a French painter,
is known for his landscape paintings

He traveled all over France for
landscape painting, observing nature
himself, and tried to express
the life of nature living within
the landscape.

It is said that his works,
which contain an open view of nature
are full of his love for nature
along with the ever-changing scenery
and it is said that many people are
exclaiming to this day.

Author @youngsook, who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in May, is
also showing the beauty of
the natural scenery she saw and
felt with her inspiration and

A beautiful landscape unfolds
in the artist's work.

You capture the colors and changes
that change according to the flow of
the day, night, and seasons in
the scenery of various places,
from real to imaginary.

Along with this, she also shows
other pleasures created by painting,
from the joy of seeing and enjoying
nature with the images of people and
animals to the way to leave memories.

We have to ask the artist
how she came to draw these works.

So, let's start the interview with the artist.

Hello artist.
This is PENUP manager.
First, congratulations on being
selected for the May 2023
Hall of Fame.
Please tell us about yourself.

A1. @youngsook
I quit my job on April 19 due to
health problems and am now
a housewife. I was surprised because
I never dreamed or even imagined
that I would be selected for
the Hall of Fame like this.

There are a lot of great, talented
people here who are really good at
painting or who are painters, so
I thought the Hall of Fame was
someone else's story, but I'm
so grateful and I'm so happy that
it was selected in May,
the best month for me personally
in 2023.

The first piece was posted
in August 2019.
Since then, you have been constantly
uploading works.
We are curious about how you came to
know about PENUP and upload your work.

A2. @youngsook
After using the Note 3 for 7 years,
I gave myself the Note 9 as a gift
on my birthday on August 9, 2019.
There was an airplane-shaped app
I hadn't seen on the Note 9, so
That I accidentally clicked it and
found out about PENUP… It took me
a long time to get to know
the functions of PENUP because
I am not very techy.
At first, I drew a picture like
a graffiti and posted it, but
strangely, there were comments.
It was @nuni's comment encouraging
me to keep drawing without stopping.
So, I continued to draw.

You were drawing works full of
beautiful colors.
We wonder what kind of devices and
apps these works are created through.

A3. @youngsook
As I said before, I am a mechanic,
so I only use the PENUP app.
PENUP is easy to use, you can use
a variety of colors, and the pen
functions are so good for each type
that I think I was able to draw well
without getting tired of it.
100% of my work was done using only
the Pen Up app. The device is mostly
Galaxy Note 9 and occasionally uses
Galaxy Ultra22.

From daily life in various
landscapes to beautiful natural
landscapes, you have been drawing
various works.

We wonder what inspired you to draw
this picture.

A4. @youngsook
This picture on the left was painted
when the plum blossoms were in
full bloom just before the cherry
blossoms bloomed. I imagine
in advance that the cherry blossoms
will bloom.

On the right is a picture of
a beautiful landscape that I saw
while browsing the internet during
my lunch break at work, and I liked
the way it felt like summer was just
starting, so I drew it based on
the picture. It's not exactly
the same as the picture.

Landscape paintings that captured
various places caught ourattention.
How did you come to paint landscapes
We are also curious about what
the charm of landscape painting is.

A5. @youngsook
I quit after 27 years of working
because my health deteriorated, but
stress was the cause.
I don't know anything about painting
and I don't even know a thing about
art terms.

However, my eyes always went to
landscape photography or landscape
I later found out that the reason
why I like landscape painting is
because of the stress that modern
people experience a lot. I think it
calmed my tired mind while watching
landscape paintings.
So I guess I started painting
landscapes when I didn't know
anything about painting.

I was also able to see works that
depict real places.
Among the places that appear
in the work, what is the most
memorable place?

Also, if there is a place you want
to paint in the future, We’re
curious about what kind of place
it is.

A6. @youngsook
The place of the picture on the left
is Yeosu. And the right is Daraengi
Village in Namhae.
It is also a place where my husband
and I often travel.
Still, the most memorable place to
visit is Jeju Island.

I would like to travel to Europe.
I want to capture the night scenery
there, the color of the sea water,
and the trees when I have time.

You were expressing the beauty of
various seasons with pictures.
Among them, is there a season you
particularly like?

Also, when expressing the season,
We’re curious about what kind of
expression you pay attention to.

A7. @youngsook
My favorite season is autumn,
but my dog Bom came to my house as
an abandoned dog on March 12, 2018.
So I named it Spring, and now
I like spring the most among
the seasons.
The expression I care about when
expressing the season is the sky.
The color of the sky differs from
season to season.
Even the clouds are different.
It's too long to explain.. haha.
I won't explain because it's each
person's personal feeling.

You also included landscapes with
pets and various people in
your paintings.

We wonder what inspired you to draw
this kind of work and what you think
is attractive.

A8. @youngsook
When I was young, I wrote a diary
for homework, and as an adult,
I wrote a short diary in my diary.
Right now, I'm writing a short diary
in my mobile phone diary.
But suddenly, I always like going
for walks with Bom and having
a happy daily life, so I wanted to
draw it with my poor picture and
leave it as a diary.

I wanted to keep the time I spent
with my lovely Bom as memories...
At first, my husband and his sons
laughed at my elementary school
drawings a little bit, but now
they support me. And I like it
when Bom and the three of us draw
pictures that leave memories.
It's really cool and attractive to
be able to save my precious memories
and time as a picture with
the PENUP app.

He meticulously wrote the title
and description of each work,
so we could understand the feeling
and story contained in it.
We wonder why you write detailed
titles or descriptions for
your works.

Also, we wonder if there are any
works you want to try in the future.

A9. @youngsook
Even if I see the work of
a very famous painter, there are
many times when I do not understand
art well enough to sympathize with or
understand the work. Of course,
I know very famous works by studying
them. Sometimes I explain my work
because I'm not good at it, and
my diary is because I just want
to cherish it.

I want to challenge myself in
portrait painting.. I long for
the portraits of @koo and @Gigiv..
It's really difficult to figure out
how to draw...
I don't know how to share the eyes,
nose, and mouth. But I plan to
keep drawing.

Last question.
Please tell us if you have anything
you would like to improve or
the story you want to tell while
using PENUP

A10. @youngsook
It was my friends' comments and
reposts that made me draw without
stopping for the first time. In 2019,
there is someone who reposted
a really ridiculous picture of
my child's level, @RAF88...
He constantly reposts and always
comments with compliments.
So I also try to comment and repost,
but my phone is too slow and reposts
often fail... So I changed my phone to
an Ultra 22
on the last day of Dec 2022,
but reposts are a little slower...
than Note 9 Although it's fast...
And there are times when the works
are not sorted in order of the most
recent date... Another thing would
be nice if the real name was changed
There are cases of stealing
other people's works as if they
were painted by themselves.
Lastly, I want to thank all
the PENUP staff.
Thank you very much for your hard
work so that I can spend a lot of
happy times at PENUP, and
I deeply appreciate your work.

How was the interview with

Theodore Rousseau is said to have
developed his own painting style
by studying a variety of works,
from the painting techniques of
his teacher who learned art
to 17th-century Dutch landscape
paintings and works by painters
of the same era.

The artist was constantly putting
various landscapes into
her paintings with ceaseless efforts
as well and was completing her own
painting style that gradually

For all of you who are reading
this article, why not appreciate
the work of others and use
the inspiration or painting style
you gained from it to create
your own new paintings?

I think it would be fun to draw
a picture with a different feeling
by expressing emotions and
inspiration in various ways,
from landscapes and figures
to various imaginations.

We hope PENUP will be filled
with novelty through
everyone's works.

Thank you.

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