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[Review] Challenge of April (2)

‘Picnic’, a fun break time,
was the subject of the 2nd challenge
in April.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of April

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

We were able to see places with
beautiful nature and scenery, and
it was a happy time to think about
going on a picnic with everyone,
from meeting various foods or
meeting people to have a picnic in
an imaginary place.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Picnic in the Forest / @HTH
소풍 / @rimbo875

The forest is colored yellow and red
as if autumn is gradually
The fox and the deer quenched their
thirst in the stream, and the owl
also seems to have flown in search
of water.
We bet this place where everyone
drinks water is a picnic place for
animals to rest.
This is the work of @HTH.

A mat is spread out on the hill
where you can see the dark green
trees in the distance.
It looks like they went on
a picnic with a variety of food,
from a bowl to hold water, bread
and cheese, and a fresh red apple.
We want to feel the beauty of
the green forest
while eating together.
This is the work of @rimbo875.

Family Picnic / @Goldie
Dreamin' / @VeeGee

A family is having a picnic near
a pond in the forest at sunset.
It seems that the children are
watching the children jumping rope
while spreading out their parasols
and sitting around on mats
in order to share food.
A picture of a pleasant picnic with
a family in a peaceful forest,
it’s the work of @Goldie.

The two on a picnic are looking into
the distance.
Looking at the untouched lunch box
next to me, it seems that they are
more into the scenery of the field
than eating.
Seeing her leaning her head
affectionately, this moment together
seems to be the most precious time
This is the work of @VeeGee.

Waiting / @OnyxLulu
Drink water / @Maggie.A.M.

The sky is clear, and the trees are
full of pink flowers.
The picnickers laid out various
foods such as fruits, flowers, bread
and drinks on brightly colored mats.
Seeing that he hasn't eaten yet, it
looks like he's waiting for
his friends to play with while
admiring the flowers.
This is the work of @OnyxLulu.

Deep in the mountains, cool streams
of water pour along the rocks.
The water in the valley at
the lowest point is clear blue,
so you feel the coolness just
by looking at it.
A person who went on a picnic to
a far place along the beautiful
scenery seems to be thirsty for
the clear water or took out
cool water.
This is the work of @Maggie.A.M.

Summer time Picnic / @Sylvia
April summer picnic / @Amritaswifty

The ladies seem to be having
a picnic in a tent in the forest.
They are eating food, reading books,
playing guitar and singing on
a wide mat.
Looking at the stars floating
densely in the distant sky, we
imagine how to enjoy a picnic
on the coming night.
This is the work of @Sylvia.

After a picnic, she sleeps on
a pillow on a mat.
Looking at the cake and the empty
plate, it seems that after eating
the food she brought and spending
time reading a book, she couldn't
stand my drowsiness and fell asleep.
Seeing her sleeping with her arms
and legs wide open, we can feel her
happiness enjoying the leisurely
This is the work of @Amritaswifty.

(Untitled) / @KateSok
the shade / @hanacco

Someone is having a picnic in a wide
flower field where the snow-capped
mountains in the distance.
Looking at the food, pink bouquet,
and two glasses of drink, it seems
that the two of them are on a picnic
to see the scenery.
Seeing that no one is there, it
seems that they are enjoying
the nature where winter and spring
coexist in the surrounding grass.
This is the work of @KateSok.

Two people are sitting in the shade
of a tree that blocks the sunlight.
One person is holding a book with
both hands and seems to be reading
to a child, while the child is
eating a sandwich and looking
at the book as if curious about
the contents of the book.
We’d like to approach them and hear
the stories together while they are
enjoying the book and picnic.
This is the work of @hanacco.

These are the 10 winners.

@ OnyxLulu
@ Maggie.A.M.
@ Sylvia
@ Goldie
@ VeeGee
@ Amritaswifty
@ hanacco
@ rimbo875
@ KateSok

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the comments.

The 1st challenge of May,
‘Let’s draw Rose'
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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