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[HOF] May 2023 @youngsook

It is said that capturing
the scenery of a favorite place
in a picture is one way to leave

In the case of Paul Cézanne, he left
several pictures of Saint Victo
and the mountains he liked, and
Johannes Vermeer also was known
that he often painted Delft, where
he lived all his life.

In addition, painters say that
they expressed their feelings and
thoughts at the time by leaving
their favorite places or landscapes
that inspired them in their works.

Artist @youngsook who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in May, also
engraves the beautiful landscapes
she saw and felt into pictures that
will remain in his memory forever.

The artist's works are full of
natural scenery.

Starting from her surroundings,
places he encountered through her
travels, and landscapes that came to
her imagination by chance,
she captures the beautiful scenery
of nature in her works.

The various colors that express this
clearly show the seasonality and
time of the landscape, making
the viewer feel the great change
and vitality of nature.

Along with this, she also captures
various aspects of daily life
to people and pets in beautiful

Through this, she expresses
the various emotions she feels in
everyday life and the various
inspirations she recalls from them,
and also shows a different way to
beautifully portray memories.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
meet the works of beautiful
scenery full of happiness!

Please, don't forget
to leave a 'Like' on your
favorite work and write
your impressions.

Please look forward to the interview
with the author that will follow.

Thank you.

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