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[Review] Challenge of April (1)

‘Glass’ a transparent and hard,
yet fragile material, was
the subject of the first challenge
in April.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.

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the 1st challenge of April

We were able to appreciate works
containing glass through
this challenge.

It was a fun time to see objects
made of glass that are used
in real life, and to appreciate
various forms of glass,
from landscapes to imaginations,
through artworks that show
the characteristics of glass that
changes colorfully depending
on the color.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in the challenge with
great artwork.
Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

(Untitled) / @youngsook
Glass factory / @Zaba

The coffee in the glass gives off
hot steam,and rain forms and flows
down the window.
The trees and grass outside
the window that are getting rained
on seem to announce spring with
green leaves and yellow flowers.
We want to immerse myself in
the sensibility created by
the spring rain while drinking
warm coffee.
It’s presented by @youngsook.

The man on the box is holding
a long pipe.
At the end of the pipe, formless
molten glass glows red.
The seated man seems to be waiting
to cut the finished glass craft.
We wonder what kind of product will
be born.
A glimpse of the glass workshop,
it’s the work of @Zaba.

through the glass / @Maksim
Stained Glass / @Mirvy

Inside the glass cup is a beautiful
Smoke rises from the high peaks
covered with snow, and pink flowers
bloom on the trees around the lake,
giving off the scent of spring.
The water in the glass seems to have
made the blurry scenery clearer
from afar.
We are afraid that the beautiful
scenery will disappear, and I will
not be able to drink water.
It’s the work of @Maksim.

There are beautiful paintings on
the windows of the building.
The window painted with a landscape
of red and yellow flowers appears
to be stained glass made by
inserting colored pieces.
We want to go inside and appreciate
the scenery inside the building
created by the beautiful colored glass.
It’s the work of @Mirvy.

Simple life/ @One2three
...Sad Astronant… / @Bree

The glass bottle is filled with
As if the bottle was dyed,
the bottom and the glass bottle
are also full of purple.
Glass is affected by the color of
its surroundings and appears to be
a different color.
Perhaps the flowers filled in
the bottle met the light and colored
the transparent glass bottle
It’s the work of @One2three.

Outside the huge glass window,
you can see the universe full of
mysterious lights and stars.
The Earth, seen up close, seems to
sparkle with the light created
by electric lights.
The astronaut watching this looks
like he is missing something,
pointing his hand at a place on
the earth reflected in the window.
We'd love to hear what he thinks.
It’s the work of @Bree.

New shoes Part 2 / @Moogle
Snow Globe / @Sam

The shoes worn on the feet are
high-heeled shoes made of glass.
Beautifully decorated with flowers
and trees from the upper to the heel
of the shoe, it feels like it was
made for a special person.
Looking at the brisk steps,
it reminds us of the main character
in a fairy tale running home
at 12:00.
It’s the work of @Moogle.

A luxurious snow globe is placed on
the table.
Inside the round and transparent
glass marbles are two children
wearing fur hats making a snowman
while making eye contact.
Looking at the snow piled up on
the window looking far away and
the many light bulbs shining,
we wonder if this snow globe is
a Christmas gift to give to someone.
It’s the work of @Sam.

~ Strawberries in a cup ~
/ @Mishelangello
Candle in the glass/ @Mariella

The glass cups containing
the delicious strawberries
are painted in various colors.
Rather than reflecting
the surrounding colors,
it feels as if the color was painted
with a brush.
We wonder if the strawberry in
the glass is a painting
made with a brush, not a real one.
What do you think?
It’s the work of @Mishelangello.

The flame on the wick lights up
the dark surroundings.
The orange candles in the glass
seem to gradually melt and create
a brighter light.
Glass is often used as a container
for candles.
Looking at the candles and glass
that create a cozy atmosphere with
soft light in the dark,
we can understand why.
It’s the work of @Mariella.

These are the 10 winners.

@ Maksim
@ Moogle
@ One2three
@ Mirvy
@ Sam
@ Mishelangello
@ youngsook
@ Zaba
@ Mariella
@ Bree

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the comments.

The 2nd challenge of April,
‘Let’s draw Picnic'
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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