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[Interview] HOF April 2023 @HANALOVE

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Mary Cassatt, an American painter
and one of the representative
painters of Impressionism, said that
she put various everyday life into
her paintings.

At that time, women could not paint
in public places or hire models,
so she chose the space of her home
as a place where she could draw

The works that beautifully express
the images of mothers, children,
and pets living in various
people's homes as a background
contain free and happy daily life,
and they convey comfort and warmth
to those who see them to this day.

Artist @HANALOVE, who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in April,
is also drawing works filled
with happiness that add imagination
to the trivial aspects of
everyday life.

In the artist's work, there is
a picture of a happy family.

In the small daily life of
the family, the writer puts
the imagination he saw and felt,
and draws a beautiful story like
writing a diary every day.

Along with this, he also captures
the appearance of companion animals
and expresses various materials
he is interested in through
beautiful lines and colors.

We have to ask the artist how
he came to draw these works.

So, let's start the interview
with the artist.

Hello artist.
This is PENUP manager.
First, congratulations on being
selected for the April 2023
Hall of Fame.
Please tell us about yourself.

I am a full-time housewife living in
Cheongju, South Korea and
a mother of two children.
I am too surprised as I even feel

Thank you so much for choosing
my small and ordinary paintings.
I received a joking congratulations
saying, “You got an award for perfect

The first piece was posted
in December 2019.
Since then, you have been constantly
uploading works.
We are curious about how you came to
know about PENUP and upload your work.

After moving in the winter of 2019,
I started having a lot of indoor life.
Coincidentally, while changing
my phone, I came in contact with
PENUP naturally and I stopped doing
cross-stitching and drawing, which
I always had as a hobby then fell in
love with PENUP.
Even someone who can't handle
machines well just like me could
easily understand and draw,
so it was a new world and I liked it

You drew works of various subjects
through beautiful colors and
We wonder what kind of devices and
apps these works are created with.

I'm really not good at drawing,
so I'm faithful to drawing
I want to buy other apps and draw in
various ways, but some apps are
so complicated that I can't use them
even after purchasing them.
I just draw with the PENUP app.
I am very satisfied with the fact
there are good functions that
I can't follow even if I draw here.

You were drawing on various topics
such as family, daily life,
companion animals, and interests.
We wonder what inspired you to paint

Like everyone else, my universe is
my family and my pet.
And there are many plants that grow
well even in poor pots.
As it became difficult to go out
due to the covid-19, I started
drawing in various places to appease
my daughter's boredom.
It's possible because she looks
kindly at her mother, who draws
herself as a subject,
and doesn't hate it.

Many of the works are thought to
have been drawn with everyday life
or family members as models.
We wonder why you draw these works.

More than anything,
I really liked being able to draw to
my heart's content without any
qualifications or skills.
And it's good to meet many good
neighbors and share your daily life.
Among the many people who draw
wonderfully in various genres and
subjects, the only things I can brag
about are my children and cats

You didn't simply draw everyday
scenes, but you were putting
a different imagination into it.
We wonder what kind of imagination
is put into the picture, and how do
you get this kind of inspiration?

When you post the topic, I was like
‘Oh!’then I'm imagining things.
My child and cat are always the main
characters, and it is the heart of
a mother who wants to play freely
in the themes.
I wanted to let the children who
cannot run and play to their heart's
content in city life run and fly
as much as they want in the picture.

Cats, which are considered companion
animals, were also appearing a lot
as a theme.
We are curious about how you came to
draw cats and what kind of charm you
have as a work of art.

My kid always loves to play with
Fortunately, the cat that does not
get tired and goes well together is
always together like a chewing gum
even in the picture.
I was careful, so I couldn't include
people other than my family.
I'm afraid it might be rude.
The youngest of the kittens that
I first brought home to soothe
the memories of the children running
around in the yard as rabbits and
puppies is now a cat named Three
who is always with me.
It's best friend

You also showed works using coloring
We are curious about what kind of
design the artist uses to create
his work.
Also, we want to know the charm of
the work using design.

I like simple designs. Complex and
too great designs are out of
my courage.
My personality, which was so slow
and impatient, felt a sense of
accomplishment while doing PENUP,
and it is changing little by little.

The artist actively interacted with
many PENPLE and did remixes often.
We wonder what kind of inspiration
you get from these exchanges.
Also, We want to know what kind of
work you would like to remix in
the future.

Everyone is so diverse that I can't
blindly join them, but I tend to
occasionally participate in pictures
that contain good stories I want to
share. Even though my skills are
lacking, there are many works that
I always want to do with my heart.

Last question.
Please tell us if you have anything
you would like to improve or
the story you want to tell while
using PENUP

PENUP is a space that I and
my children are extremely grateful
I sometimes frown at bad expressions
or pictures, but it is a space I am
very grateful for.
I want to be polite and have fun
while we're together.
Thank you for listening to my words,
which are so lacking because
I don't speak well.

How was the interview with

Mary Cassatt interacted with many
painters and learned new painting
It is said that they continued their
activities to draw works, such as
trying a new genre called graphic

The artist was also actively
interacting with many people and
completing his own new world of art
through works containing various
expressions and imaginations.

Everyone reading this article,
how about drawing various works
together with others?

It would be fun to share stories
about your own work and create
a new work through remixing.

I hope that there will be many
works with new interpretations
in PENUP as everyone's work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team