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[HOF] April 2022 @HANALOVE

It is said that the image of
a family sharing precious memories
by our side has become
a good material for the work of

In the case of Egon Schiele,
he also put a picture of a family
imagining a child to be born, and
Monet also said that there was
something that he used as a model
for several works with his wife and
child, which were not revealed
at the time.

In addition, when drawing the figure
of an imaginary character, the story
that the work was drawn using
the image of a loved one as a model
has been handed down in various ways
regardless of genre.

In the Hall of Fame in April,
the artist @HANALOVE was
selected who captures beautiful
imagination in the image of
a loving family.

The artist's work contains the image
of a family..

The works of smiling children are
full of happiness, bringing
a warm smile to the faces of
the viewer..

Along with this, he puts
the inspiration he imagined from
family members into his works to
express the specialness and joy of
everyday life together in
a different way, and also shows
a new way to leave precious memories
in pictures.

In addition, you draw cute companion
animals or characters that you are
interested in, and you also show
completed works through remixing
with others.

Through these various art activities
he is informing us of various and
interesting activities created by
painting, from the joy of drawing to
the fun of communication.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
meet beautiful works full of

Please don't forget to leave
a 'like' on your favorite work
and write your impressions.

Please look forward to upcoming
interview with the artist.
Thank you.

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