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[Challenge] 2023. March : Let's draw Jellyfish

Jellyfish, which swim as if floating
and have a gelatinous body and
an umbrella-like appearance, are
creatures that can be found
all over the sea.

They are as diverse as the wide sea,
so there are jellyfish reminiscent
of a lion's mane, Nomura's mouth
feather jellyfish that is said to
have the largest body,
and Bumphi with a transparent body
and small size.

In addition, many types of jellyfish
are swimming in the sea, including
Thalassocalis that emits light
on its own,
Tyrunia that looks like a space
creature, & the Full Moon Jellyfish
that can be seen in aquariums
due to its beautiful appearance and
simple breeding method.

The second challenge in March is
a 'Jellyfish', a sea creature
with numerous tentacles and venom.

海月 / @YukiSaku
Jellyfish / @SamTaqvi

Jellyfish have been around for
600 million years.
There are over 3,000 species
worldwide, and they live in
a variety of places, from lakes
and beaches to the deep sea.

There are as many different sizes
as there are many species,
but most of them have poisonous
tentacles and use them to catch
and eat prey.

That's why, even if it's a dead
jellyfish, poison remains in its
tentacles, it fires automatically,
so you shouldn't touch
it carelessly.

jellyfish / @KajaW
Jellyfish / @Sheenmue

There are as many unique jellyfish
as there are many species.

It is said that in the deep sea,
there are jellyfish that create
brilliant colors like fireworks
when light hits them.

It is also said that there is
an immortal jellyfish that grows
and then warms up and rejuvenates
when the environment deteriorates or
is injured.

The golden jellyfish of Palau's
Jellyfish Lake is said to be
a jellyfish that has no poison
because the sea becomes a lake and
has no natural enemies.

It is a tourist attraction that
many people visit because it
is possible to experience
the mysterious experience of
swimming in a swarm of jellyfish.

The Ascend / @Art-by-Flowers
Jellyfish / @Lydian

In recent years, jellyfish have
increased rapidly and are causing
many problems.

Due to the characteristic of
spreading poison even after death,
it is giving a lot of trouble to
fishing and tourism.

It is said that jellyfish that are
resistant to adverse conditions
have increased due to global warming
and marine pollution, so it would be
good to think about environmental
pollution once again.

What jellyfish do you think of
right now?

From jellyfish that actually exist
in the sea to mysterious jellyfish
created by your imagination, take on
the challenge by taking pictures of
various jellyfish.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from March. 16, Thu (GMT)
to March. 31, Fri (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
may differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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