2023-02-27. AM 02:09
[HOF] March 2023 @WOORIMI

It is said that portrait paintings
that draw people as the subject have
different characteristics
for each era.

In primitive times, it was
the origin of abundance, and
in the Greek and Roman times, it was
the personification of gods or
natural phenomena.

In the Middle Ages, the ideal beauty
of human beings was expressed,
and impressionism based on
individuality and creativity appeared
& people with thoughts and feelings
were expressed.

Artist @WOORIMI, who creates
new stories by sketching figures and
adding color, was selected for
the Hall of Fame in March.

The characters in the artist’s feed
are catching our attention.

The emotions of the artist
are melted in the carefully
expressed figure, so we can feel
the special heart and affection
that we cannot feel in the photo.

Through the lines and colors drawn
in the work, not only emotions,
but also new feelings are added to
the characters, and various aspects
such as facial expressions, actions,
and surrounding situations are
conveyed more vividly.

Along with this, it shows a warm and
happy daily life with the figures of
people and animals around it,
and also shows works
in other areas that
contain an abstract feeling that
reminds us of the universe.

Through the gradually developing
method of painting, the artist
showing various ways to express and
draw the subject along with
the artist’s passion for figure

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