2015-08-04. AM 05:55
  • Hello~,PEN.ples^^
    Here is good news for digital drawing lovers.
    Pensoul is certainly going to be an all-time favorite drawing app.
    Even its name is cute!

    Pen+soul seems to mean that it can unleash our unlimited imagination with lots of emotions by using the Pen.

    Equipped with a powerful vector engine, this drawing app has outstanding features of delicate and detail brushes and sketch tools.

    Moreover, by using the time-slider function, we can view previously done pictures and easily modify them.
  • With zooming up to 1,000,000X and 3D rendering, this app will present to you much more features than any other drawing apps you have ever seen before and will make your work look alive.

    With PEN.UP SDK included, you can use Pensoul more easily and more freely.
  • I hope you will create lots of unique drawings by using a variety of features of Pensoul, and simply and fast deliver them to your friends through the direct upload function of PEN.UP.

    We will upload drawing tips on how to use Pensoul soon.

    For downloading Pensoul, refer to the link below.