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[Challenge] 2023. February : Let's draw Rabbit

Rabbits exist all over the world and
are loved for their cute appearance.

It is said that there are small
dwarf rabbits that can fit in
the palm of your hand, as well as
large rabbits that approach
medium-sized dogs such as Belgian
or Flemish.

It is said that they have a variety
of fur colors, from white
to brown and black, as many as
30 species.

In addition, there are rabbits
with round bodies called
house rabbits and rabbits with
long legs and sleek bodies called
wild rabbits that have an advantage
in the wild.

The second challenge theme for
February is 'Rabbit',
an attractive animal with long ears
and short tail.

magic meadow / @SPR
Rabbit / @Brending

Rabbits live in burrows
and give birth to many babies.

In the case of the brown rabbit that
lives in Europe, it is said that
it is a very fast animal compared to
its body enough to run at 72 km/h.

It also hates water, but it is said
that it can swim because it has to
swim when the crypt is filled with

Their eyes are attached to the sides
of their face and they have a wide
field of view that allows them to
see 360 degrees.

Rabbit Friend / @LisaBme
_rabbit _ / @__eeee__

Interesting stories about rabbits
are said to exist all over the world

In the case of the Easter rabbit,
whose origin is not clear, there is
a story that the goddess of spring
saved a bird that died in winter and
turned it into a rabbit.

In Korea, Japan, and China,
the animal that symbolizes this year
is the black rabbit.

It is said that it was derived from
a legend that a rabbit who ran to
first place in a race to determine
the 12 animals that symbolize
each year took a nap on the way and
arrived in fourth place.

bunny heart / @lima
Rabbit / @Chuppylim

Rabbits have little body odor
and are often kept as pets.

Also, like any other animal,
it is an animal that needs a lot of
attention to raise.

They often grow larger than expected
have a lifespan of 12 to 3 years,
and are said to be animals that shed
a lot of hair.

In addition, it is an animal that
has good behavior and is very weak
to moisture, so when you want to
raise it as a companion animal,
you should remember that it takes
a lot of work.

What kind of rabbit do you think of
right now?

Take on the challenge by drawing
a variety of rabbits, from rabbits
living in nature to as a pet
and imaginary rabbits.

This will be proceeded for 14 days.
from February. 15, Wed (GMT)
to February. 28, Tue (GMT).

The challenge is running based
on GMT.

Therefore, the start and end times
may differ depending on time zone
of each country, so please refer to
GMT time when uploading your work.

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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