2023-01-30. AM 02:11
[HOF] February 2023 @One2three

Landscape plays a variety of roles.
It becomes the background of
the work and conveys feelings,or
it becomes a device to understand
the surrounding atmosphere.

Sometimes, as a piece of work, it
captures the change of the seasons
and shows the grandeur and mystery
of nature.

The scenery that plays a different
role depending on the work is
beautiful on its own, but it also
catches the eye with its attractive
appearance with various materials.

@One2three has been selected
Fort the February Hall of Fame
With beautiful landscape and
a variety of materials in it.

Through the artist's work,
we can meet the scenery of nature
full of vitality.

The vitality and dynamism of
Mother Nature, It catches our
attention by capturing the change
clearly through color and expression

Along with this, it shows the pure
beauty they have by capturing
the appearance of various living
things such as people and animals
living in it.

In addition, the process of drawing
pictures with various characters is
also included.

You make us imagine the story
through the characters and
the scenery around them, show you
the process of completing these
works in detail, and show your
passion and effort for painting.

Stop by the artist’s feed now,
and meet the beautiful scenery and
the stories of various materials
in it.

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don't forget to leave a 'Like'
on the work you like, and write
down your thoughts on what you saw.

Please look forward to the interview
with the author that will follow.

Thank you.

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