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[Review] Challenge of January (1)

The first challenge theme of
this year was ‘Daybreak’, the time
when dawn gradually rises before
morning comes.
First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.
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the 1st challenge of January

We were able to enjoy the scenery of
dawn through this challenge.

It was a fun time to see various
colors and changes in scenery that
can only be felt at dawn, and
to appreciate the unique imagination
and various expressions created by
the dawn that enriches emotions.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

屋根の上で on the roof / @azu
Morning shift / @AlwaysClassic

The cat is on a high roof and
looking at the distant sky.
The crescent moon is still there,
but as if morning is approaching,
the brighter light is changing
the color of the surroundings.
Perhaps the cat is sitting
in the best spot to appreciate
this scenery.
It’s presented by @azu.

At dawn, a rough road to work is
unfolding for those who go out into
the streets wearing thick clothes.
Even the sun that has just risen is
covered by a blizzard and feels like
the light of a street lamp, and
the cars and roads are covered with
snow and frozen, making it seem like
danger is everywhere.
It seems to contain the joys and
sorrows of office workers who
have to go to work in any weather,
It’s presented by @AlwaysClassic.

Happy New Year / @RRA
(Untitled) / @Nisia

The girl in white Nambawi and Hanbok
is smiling brightly.
It seems that they dressed up
beautifully from early morning
to say hello to the new year when
the darkness gradually lifts and
the red sun rises.
By wishing everyone for happiness
in 2023,
it’s presented by @RRA.

The hot air balloon flying over
the long canyon greeted
the beautiful dawn.
The big sun rising like a balloon
over the canyon radiates bright
light and seems to make the whole
world bright and warm.
This view of dawn seen from
a hot air balloon will probably
remain in memory for life.
It’s presented by @Nisia.

New Day / @Sam
(Untitled) / @Barbra

The sun rising between the buildings
in the distance is dyeing the city
in various colors.
The sunlight pouring through
the blue vase with roses and
the window where the books are
placed is gradually pouring into
the depths of the room.
It seems to let the owner of
the room know that a new day
has begun with a bright light.
It’s presented by @Sam.

Dawn has come to the misty lake.
The orange sun seen far away is
changing the dark surroundings,
as if painting colors from
the surface of the water to
the dark sky.
The big tree on the lakeside seems
to be still dark.
When the sun rises a little more,
I wonder if the trees will also
regain their green color that
matches the surroundings.
It’s presented by @Barbra.

(Untitled) / @Yana
Ancient Mariners in Antarctica
/ @HTH

The yellow sun is rising over
the mountains.
The bright light reflected in
the dark everywhere is dyeing
the everywhere in a beautiful
pink color. The sun rising at dawn
often creates a variety of colors.
The beautiful pink morning light
may be telling you that spring is
It’s presented by @Yana.

The thick clouds and snowy mountains
seem to tell us that there was
a violent snowstorm overnight.
However, at dawn, the sun rising
through the clouds dyes the surface
of the water golden.
It feels like blessing a ship
heading for the distant sea with
its sails wide open.
It’s presented by @HTH.

Daybreak in a lakeside / @Lemon

At dawn when the stars are still
visible in the sky, the yellow sun
is rising at the end of the forest
beyond the river, creating an
intense light.
The sun gradually dyes the river
yellow, and the birds seem to have
begun to fly in the sky.
Even across the river, yellow
flowers are in full bloom, as if
welcoming the welcome year.
It’s presented by @Lemon.

동틀 녘에 만난 친구:) /
A Friend at Daybreak:) / @Shuennim

A round sun is rising over
the horizon.
People and birds in the village are
busy from early morning.
The girl who was flying on
a broomstick is facing a bird.
Looking at their smiling faces,
it seems like they are exchanging
morning greetings for a good day.
It’s presented by @Shuennim.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the comments.

The 2nd challenge of January,
‘Let’s draw Ice’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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