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[Challenge] 2023. January : Let's draw Ice

When a cold wind blows and
the temperature drops,
the water freezes and becomes ice.

A flowing river or lake becomes
a wide ice sheet,and snow on trees
freezes and turns into dazzling
ice mountains.

The valley water flowing down
the cliff makes a magnificent
ice wall, and the sea, which is
Salt water, also freezes and
becomes a huge glacier.

The theme of the second challenge
in January is 'Ice', a solid with
a cold and transparent beauty.

Daylily in Ice / @Laporte
Ice cube / @AntoineKhanji

Currently, ice is easily used,
but in the past, it was said to be
a very valuable item.

Especially if ice is not readily
available, it is classified as
an important national resource.

In Korea, ice warehouses were built
by the state and used for royal
events, and Muslim monarchs used
ice sherbet made using the climate
of the desert as a special food to
treat precious guests.

At the end of the 19th century,
ice was made by machine, and anyone
could enjoy it.

Green Ice / @James_Maynard
Icy Sea / @naner

In outer space, the temperature is
very low, and most of the water
is said to exist in the form of ice.

All water on the moon's surface is
said to be in the state of ice, and
some planets and satellites are said
to be completely covered with ice.

The comet's tail is said to be
a phenomenon created by melting ice,
and the ring surrounding Saturn is
said to be made of ice.

I think it would be fun to draw
a work while thinking of a planet
full of ice in the universe.

beautifully lonely / @ucru
Icemountain / @Siphy

Ice is said to be used as a variety
of tourist products.

In Sweden, a hotel made of ice
and snow is open every winter.

It looks cold because it's made of
ice, but they say it's warmer inside
the hotel than we thought.

In addition, when winter comes
around the world, there are events
to make various statues out of ice.

What kind of ice do you think of
right now?

From landscapes with ice to various
imaginations, take on the challenge
by drawing pictures of the ice you
think of!

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from January. 16(Mon)
to January. 31(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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