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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

The index ‘Red & Green’that reminds
us of Christmas was
the last challenge topic of 2022.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of December

Through this challenge, .
we were able to appreciate works.
that contain red and green.

Through the red and green of
Christmas, We were able to see
the lively and joyful atmosphere
created by the colors, And it was
a fun time to feel the beauty of
the colors created by nature through
various landscapes expressed
in two colors.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

(Untitled)/ @vlad
Red and Green / @Maggie

Birds flew into the house with
the windows open.
The sweet scent of green and red
watermelon on the table seems to
have attracted birds.
Seeing the bird bravely eating
the watermelon, it seems that other
birds looking at it will soon fly to
the watermelon.
It’s presented by @vlad.

Among the green grass, red flowers
with dew are blooming.
From the distinctive wide petals
to the yellow stamens and pistils,
it looks like a red lily flower.
Among the green grass, we wonder
if the striking red flower
will catch everyone's attention.
It’s presented by @Maggie.

Norigae 노리개 / @Nokhong
Merry Christmas / @kirstyandCo

There is a norigae hanging on
the green hanbok with Korean writing
on it.
It is full of splendor and luxurious
feeling by making a string with
red thread and attaching green jade
with a picture of a crane in gold.
It is said that the norigae was
an accessory that everyone enjoyed
because it had the meaning of
immortality. Expressing the beauty
of Han in green and red,
it is the work of @Nokhong.

The fairies for Christmas seem to be
decorating the surroundings.
They are wearing beautiful
green and red clothes full of
Christmas atmosphere, and they are
hanging green leaves and red fruit
decorations all over the snowy walls.
We wonder if it will be a happy and
enjoyable Christmas with the efforts
of the fairies.
It’s presented by @kirstyandCo.

Season's Greetings ❤/ @juni_HH
Poinsettia / @rimbo875

Made with green pencils with Santa
hat decoration, Christmas and
New Year greeting card.
It seems that he drew various
pictures in green and red, and wrote
a heartfelt message with a pencil.
Looking at the letter with
sincerity, it seems that
a happy smile will be drawn on
the face of the recipient.
It’s presented by @juni_HH.

The tree above the pot is full of
The flowers blooming between
the green leaves are decorated
beautifully with yellow and
red decorations.
Just looking at the potted plant
makes us feel very happy
as it contains
a happy Christmas mood.
It’s presented by @rimbo875.

(Untitled) / @AENEAN
A Rose for Everyone ♡♡♡/ @helgi

The grass grows thickly on the road,
and the crops in the open fields are
ripening from green to yellow.
The sunset made by the sun hiding
between the clouds gradually dyes
the sky red.
We want to walk through the grass
and enjoy the atmosphere of the late
afternoon at the end of the day.
It’s presented by @AENEAN.

There is a single rose with a green
stem with thorns and red petals.
The red color that spreads around
reminds me of the unique and
beautiful scent of roses, and
the green color reminds us of
the refreshing season when
roses bloom.
The red rose symbolizes passion
and love,
It’s presented by @helgi.

Poppy Field / @One2three

The sky over the mountains is dark
and colored with dazzling light.
From the mountain to the field,
the green gradually becomes
thicker, and the red flowers
blooming on it seem to be rustling
in the wind.
The beauty of red and green,
full of vitality, reminds us of
the warm season
between spring and summer.
It’s presented by @One2three.

Rise Of A Nation / @Dr.Gazi

The red sun hangs over
the green mountain.
The rising sun is slowly dispelling
the darkness everywhere, dyeing
the surroundings in various colors.
If you receive the power created
by the red sun and green mountains,
you will be able to live vigorously
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

These are the 10 winners.

@ helgi
@ vlad
@ One2three
@ Nokhong
@ Maggie
@ Dr.Gazi
@ rimbo875
@ kirstyandCo
@ juni_HH

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of January,
‘Let’s draw Daybreak’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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