2022-12-29. AM 02:06
[HOF] January 2023 @HTH

It is said that the golden age
of illustration began
in the 19th century
with the spread of newspapers
and magazines.

With the development of printing
technology, painters can freely
experiment with new expression
techniques, starting with color
through the paper, and illustrations
are said to have caught the public's

Through this, it was recognized
as a work with artistic value in
an incidental element of writing,
it is still active in many fields.

For the first Hall of Fame of 2023,
the artist@HTH, who is catching
everyone's attention through
beautiful illustrations
has been selected.

The artist's work is full of
imaginary worlds.

It contains imaginary images
such as the universe and aliens
that are not often seen,
the deep sea and the unknown world,
and infers the stories contained
in them, or makes us imagine
new stories.

People, animals, and natural
landscapes drawn in meticulous
sketches and colors in the work
realistically express
the imaginary world, stimulating
curiosity about whether it is
a landscape that can be found around

In addition, you are drawing works
with a new feeling by drawing works
containing the characteristics of
various people or landscapes through
various expression techniques.

The artist arouses interest in
various materials around him by
using unconventional expressions
and themes, and also shows a new
perspective of looking at things.

Stop by the artist's feed now and
meet the illustrations full of
beautiful imagination.

Along with congratulatory greetings,
please don't forget to 'like'
the work you like and leave
your impressions.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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