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[Challenge] 2023. January : Let's draw Daybreak

Hello. PENPLEs!
The new year of 2023
has begun!

This year, we wish your health
and happiness.

We are always facing the ‘Daybreak’.
Between the peaks of high mountains,
we see the Daybreak as the sun rises
and we also go to the sea and see
the dark horizon gradually

Daybreak in the vast fields,
watching the fields turn golden,
the neon signs of the city gradually
disappear and the Daybreak starts
brightening in blue.

The first challenge theme
to kick off 23 years is 'Daybreak',

a quiet time to announce
the start of the day.

Daybreak / @diam
Daybreak / @SPR

Daybreak is said to be the least
active time.

It is the time when many people
sleep because people's body energy
is lowest, and it is said that right
before the sun rises, it is the time
when the temperature is the lowest
and feels the coldest during the day

It is said that the secretion of
serotonin, which helps activity,
decreases, and melatonin increases,
so sensitivity increases.

It is said that the reason why art
activities work well at Daybreak is
due to the influence of these

Daybreak / @Rebel_Red
Daybreak Seaside / @suzroma

The goddess of Daybreak in Roman
mythology is called Aurora.

It is said to be a sibling to
the god of the sun and moon, and
to fly a golden chariot and
a golden mantle, to remove the veil
of night and bring light.

The aurora, a mysterious phenomenon
that falls in the sky, is also said
to have been named after the goddess
because light is created as if
the Daybreak is coming.

It would be fun to capture
the beautiful Daybreak light
you remember.

Sunrise over the mountains
/ @Nishati91
Daybreak / @susieone

Daybreak is an expression often
used in literature.

Since it is the time to announce
the start of the day, it often
contains the meaning of
a new beginning.

In particular, it has a feeling of
a bright future coming out of
the dark reality, so it is often
used as a word that tells of
a hopeful future to come.

What kind of Daybreak do you
think of right now?

Take on the challenge with various
feelings from the scenery of
the distant Daybreak to the Daybreak.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from January. 1(Sun)
to January. 15(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team