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[Interview] HOF December 2022 @Yana

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French impressionist painter
Camille Pissarro is said to be
a person who painted landscapes
with delicate and beautiful charm.

He observes the world with
a curious gaze, completes
the delicate colors piled up,
and draws a picture with his own

It is said that his work captures
the attention of many people to
this day, as it contains warm
feelings that pass through warmth
and beautifully shining colors that
transcend the color of objects.

Artist @Yana , who was selected for
the Hall of Fame in December,
also shows landscapes and figures
through various colors created
by light.

The beautiful colors created
by light are melted in
the artist's work.

The beautiful work created
by stacking up the colors of nature
that change depending on the light
and shade sometimes evokes
exclamation with sparkling light and
reminds us of the mysterious harmony
and change of nature.

Along with this, he expresses
characters and various imaginations,
and shows the process of building up
passion and effort to include in
the work.

We wonder how the artist created
these works.

So let's begin the interview with
the artist.

Hello artist,
this is the operations team of PENUP

First of all, congratulations on
being inducted into the December
Hall of Fame.

Please provide a brief
self-introduction and impressions of
the selection process.

A1. @Yana
Hello, Yana is my nickname and
real name, as long as I can remember,
I have always loved to draw,
after school I received
a pedagogical education and work
by profession at an art school,
in my spare time I spend time with
my family and draw in Penup.
I really like to paint landscapes.

The first work was posted
in December 2020.
Since then, you've been uploading
works consistently, and we’re
curious how you came to know about
PENUP and upload your works.

A2. @Yana
I found out about Penup by accident
and, to be honest, I took it lightly
at first, but then we got to know
this world better and realized why
it was appreciated.

He gave me
the opportunity to tell people about
my creative thoughts and learn about
the work of interesting and talented

The works with the expression of
light and beautiful colors
attracted attention.
We wonder what kind of devices and
apps these works are created through

A3. @Yana
I draw only in the Penup.
I usually start with an oil brush,
and then I draw the details with
a calligraphic brush.

You drew a variety of works,
from beautiful landscapes
to still lifes and portraits.
We wonder what inspired you to draw.

A4. @Yana
I am always inspired by color and
its combinations. I really love
the work of Victor Nizovtsev and
admire the works of Erin Hanson.

The beautiful scenery with
the harmony of light and color
caught my eye.
We wonder where these places are.

WeI wonder if there is a part that
you would like us to pay close
attention to when appreciating
your landscape paintings.

A5. @Yana
I paint landscapes without
a living nature. I really love
winter landscapes,
for the opportunity to draw snow
changing from lighting. The snow
combined with the sunset sky is
very beautiful in its contrast.

You also included pictures of
various animals.
We are curious about what
motivated you to include
animals in your work.
Also, please tell us about what
animal you use as the subject
of your painting.

A6. @Yana
In drawing animals, I am attracted
by the texture of wool, but
for example, in working on an owl,
it was interesting to convey some
inner magic of this bird.

You drew various people in
your work.
Among the various figures,
the cute child was impressive.
We wonder who the characters
in the work are.

We are also curious about how you
drew the other characters.

A7. @Yana
I draw people according to the idea,
but sometimes when I manage to draw
from nature, for example, a girl
in a green dress, this is
a portrait of my daughter.

We were able to see landscapes
full of fantasy and works
featuring mysterious characters.

We wonder how you came to draw
this kind of art.

A8. @Yana
I am very interested in
the fantasy world, I came up with
the image of a dark magician for
a contest about fog and realized
that I was interested in inventing
and embodying something like that.

We are able to see a feed that
contains the process of drawing
a picture.

We are curious as to why you're
including the process of working
like this.

A9. @Yana
The process of work is my thoughts,
I change or add something,
sometimes I like the process more
than the result

Last question.

Please tell us
improvements or comments
you want to share with us
while using PENUP.

A10. @Yana
Thank you immensely penap for
the opportunity to show
my creativity.:)

How was the interview with

Camille Pissarro was the oldest
of the Impressionist painters,
but he did not stop taking
on challenges with an open mind,
such as challenging the pointillism
of Georges Seurat.

The artist, too, was showing
a new work with a wide range of
subjects, and passionately taking on
new challenges through
the process of creating it.

To all of you who are reading this
article, why don't you think of
a topic you haven't drawn before
and try something new?

We think it would be fun
to appreciate a work that we haven't
drawn before and change it to
your own idea and draw a new picture

We hope that PENUP will be filled
with passion and effort
through everyone's new challenge.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team