2022-12-14. AM 01:29
[Challenge] 2022. December : Let's draw Red & Green

As Christmas approaches,
we think of green and red.

We make red ribbons or decorations
on green trees and draw posters
to announce festivals
by combining the two colors.

In the stocking next to
the green tree, Santa dressed in red
leaves presents.
In a snowy field full of
green forests, We can imagine
a scene where Rudolph, that lights
up all directions with a red nose,
pulls a sleigh.

The theme of the last challenge
in 2022 is 'Red & Green'
two colors that symbolize Christmas.

Christmas / @Gavriel
Christmas Magic / @MrsPillpopper

It is said that there are several
examples of the use of red and green
as the symbolic colors of Christmas.

It is said that in ancient times,
there was a culture of giving and
receiving holly, which means
good luck.

It is said that this culture was
fused with the Christian culture
that spread in Europe and became
a representative color.

In Christianity, there is a theory
that it symbolizes the tree of
the knowledge of good and evil that
the first mankind ate, and because
it is the color that symbolizes
the blood and eternal life that
Jesus shed, it is said that it is
the color representing Christmas,
the day to celebrate his birth.

Red / @Sugan
green / @FatemaMusharrof

The effects of green and red
are said to be diverse.

When you feel lethargic or depressed,
you can use the color red to wake up
your body's vitality.

It is said that green is helpful for
the health of the heart and lungs,
and can achieve healing and
soothing effects while increasing

It would be fun to draw a picture
of the positive effect of two colors

Red poppy / @Chris
Red trees / @Dony

Red is said to contain warmth,
comfort, affection and energy.
Green is said to be the color that
expresses nature and growth,
tranquility and harmony, and health.

When the year comes to an end,
it is natural to think of
the past year and make plans for
the next year.

Paint your work in red and green,
remember the warm and happy things,
and take on the challenge with your
dreams for the upcoming New Year.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from December. 16(Fri)
to December. 31(Sat).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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