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[Review] Challenge of November (2)

The ‘Penguin’, a flightless bird
with a streamlined body, was
the subject of the second challenge
in November.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of November

Through this challenge,
we were able to appreciate works
containing penguins.

We were able to see various species
of penguins living in different
parts of the world, as well as
the various landscapes they live in,
and it was a meaningful time to
think about the animals called
penguins once again through works
imagining them in a unique way.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Antarctic Discovery / @HTH
☆PLAYFUL PENGUIN ☆ / @z3dmax

The two seem to be surprised by
the appearance of the penguin and
run out of the car.
Even from a distance,
the huge penguin tilts its head and
looks at people closely.
We wonder if a penguin the size of
a house exists in this place full of
pointed mountains.
It’s presented by @HTH.

The penguins seem to be playing on
the giant waves.
They jump along the high-rise waves
or use their backs to ride the waves
Seeing how excited they are,
it makes us want to try out what
it would be like to enjoy surfing
with penguins.
It’s presented by @z3dmax.

beautiful penguins / @A123
Penguinxploration / @Dina_E_

Above the clouds, you can see
various penguins.
You can see a variety of penguins,
from yellow-crested royal penguins
and macaroni penguins,
Adelie penguins and Gentoo penguins,
to the largest emperor penguins and
blue-bodied little penguins.
It would be fun to find out where
your favorite penguins are.
It’s presented by @A123.

In the dark, in the outer space
where the stars shine, you can see
A penguin wearing a spacesuit swim
in space and keeps his eyes on
the surroundings.
Seeing the frozen planet,
it looks like it's exploring
the universe in search of
a new place.
Someday in the distant future,
I think the day will come when
I meet a penguin from space.
It’s presented by @Dina_E_.

(Untitled) / @Barbra
Penguin of Ice-age / @Ayca

Penguins are swimming in
the emerald sea.
Its sleek, streamlined body cuts
through the water quickly, and
its round eyes seem to be searching
for prey while looking here and
The appearance of penguin with
beautiful patterns,
It’s presented by @Barbra.

A strong wind blows with the snow,
and dark clouds cover the sun.
The penguin is frozen in a snowstorm
as if it were a statue of ice.
The penguins we are meeting now
seem to tell us that they are
precious beings that we met after
overcoming the harsh cold of
the Ice Age.
It’s presented by @Ayca.

Penguistic / @jaymojangles
Пінгвіны / @Dmitry

Penguins seem machine-made.
Various lights are shining on
various machines are attached to it
from the big yellow eyes to
the whole body.
Perhaps the robot penguin was
created to observe the penguin's
It seems that the penguin will
run away when it encounters
the terrifying appearance.
It’s presented by @jaymojangles.

The penguin family is made up of many
twisted and tangled lines.
The baby penguin in the middle and
the two penguins behind it appear
to be a mother and father.
It seems to say that family
relationships resemble a complex and
sticky thread that cannot be
easily unraveled.
It’s presented by @Dmitry.

wizard penguin / @Krolle
hug / @shizuku

The penguin wizard, wearing
a cone hat and robe,
is looking at a red wand with
a happy face.
It feels like it got the cane it
wanted when we saw it walking with
great excitement.
We wonder what kind of magic
the penguin wizard will perform with
this mysterious wand.
It’s presented by @Krolle.

He is holding a baby penguin.
It looks like they are hugging
a penguin shivering in the cold and
sharing warmth.
If you see him wearing
a penguin-like outfit, it seems that
he loved penguins so much that
he hugged them as soon as he saw
them. What do you think?
It’s presented by @shizuku.

These are the 10 winners.

@ z3dmax
@ A123
@ Barbra
@ Ayca
@ Dina_E_
@ jaymojangles
@ Dmitry
@ Krolle
@ shizuku

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of December,
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We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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