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[Challenge] 2022. December : Let's draw Gift

We are giving gifts from the heart.

We get invitations for supper,
express our appreciation
for birthday or exchange gifts
in various days with our hearts
such as Christmas or valentines.

When visiting a region or overseas
that has not been easily visited,
there are cases where local
specialties are given as gifts,and
gifts are given to commemorate
special events such as marriage or

The first theme of December
Is '‘Gift’, a special item
Containing a precious heart.

Celebrating Bouquet / @CAREUS
Bouquet / @Kanbo

From food to toys or ornaments,
there are many types of gifts,
including home appliances.

Among them, the most exchanged
gifts from the past to the present
are flowers and plants.

Plants are playing a big role as
precious gifts all over the world,
from celebrations and condolences
to conveying one's heart.

Because the environment and
the types of cultivation vary from
country to country, there are
differences in the plants used
for gifts.

draw me something magical!! / @SPR
Merry Girls Christmas / @ChouryK

Paintings are also said to be one of
the items exchanged as a kind of

It is said that various paintings
have been used as gifts, ranging
from widely known subjects such as
landscapes and portraits, to works
containing materials that bring money
or good luck, or works containing
superstition that they can ward off
bad luck.

Recently, it is said that painting
tools are easily available, and
digital paintings can also be easily
printed out, so it is said that
there are many cases of giving
presents of hand-drawn paintings.

I think it would be fun to draw
a picture you want to give as
a gift.

rudolph / @usk_keesunge
A tiny Christmas tree
from a tiny helper _) / @Hasretgul

December is the time when Christmas
and the end of a year and
the beginning of a new year are said
to bring many presents.

In each country, there are colors
or objects to be careful of, and
on the contrary, there are objects
or colors to prefer.

What gift are you thinking of
right now?

Take on the challenge by drawing
pictures related to gifts,
from gifts you want to receive
to warm landscapes where gifts
come and go.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from December. 1(Thu)
to December. 15(Thu).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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