2022-11-29. AM 01:45
[HOF] December 2022 @Yana

It is said that light was used as
an unnatural expression in art
in the past.

It is said that it appeared in
the work as an element related to
God, and was drawn with a sacred and
great feeling.

However, as painters go outdoors and
incorporate natural light into
their landscapes, their perspective
Research on light that creates
a three-dimensional effect and
color continue, now, it is said that
it has become an indispensable
element in most paintings.

Artist @ Yana ,who draws beautiful
landscapes through the light and
colors created by nature, was
selected for
the December Hall of Fame.

The artist's work is full of
beauty created by light.

In the scenery with light shining
in all directions, the nature that
boasts dazzling beauty is drawn,
creating bright and warm colors
and feelings.

In addition, the work that captures
the light and shade and
three-dimensional effect contains
the mysterious and great changes
of nature, reminding us of
the ever-changing nature.

In addition, it expresses
a different beauty through various
themes such as people, space and
animals, and contains various

emotions created by the harmony
of colors.

Including the process of drawing
each work.
Along with the meticulous
description process expressed
in one painting, he also makes me
feel the passion for painting.

Stop by the artist's feed now,
the light and color create can be
seen in the beautiful works.

Along with congratulations,
please don't forget to 'Like'
your favorite works and leave
your impressions.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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