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[Review] Challenge of November (1)

‘Coloring Pages’, which will fill
2023 with new colors, was the first
challenge topic of November.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the 1st challenge of November

Through this challenge, we were able
to meet various coloring designs.

It was a fun time to come up with
the idea of ‘what color would suit?’
through various works of people,
animals, and nature, as well as
imaginable scenes and characters,and
imagine what it would be like to see
designs filled with colors by others

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

COLORING 학 과 소나무 / @jinhee

Between the rocks, under
the towering pine tree, two cranes
are strolling amicably.
The crane symbolizes New Year's
dreams and hopes, and the pine tree
represents an unchanging heart.
It would be fun to paint the cranes
and pine trees, and think of
your dreams and wishes for
the new year.
The selected work for January is
by @jinhee.

Harmony / @R.A.A

She is wearing a beautiful hanbok
embroidered with flowers and
The upturned hair is adorned with
beautiful flowers and trees.
The birds, who mistakenly thought
that spring had arrived due to
the fragrant scent of flowers,
seemed to create a beautiful harmony
beside her.
The selected work for February is
by @R.A.A.

Challenge 馬祖 / @Yun

Grass grows on top of an old brick
It seems that no one visits, and
the luxuriant grasses seem to be
gradually spreading in all
It reminds us of the fresh spring
that will be created by the grass
that fills the whole village.
The selected work for March is
by @Yun.

Pattern #3 / @Sugan

Countless connected lines create
a geometric pattern.
It seems as if flowers are blooming
all over the place, and it reminds
me of a scene where closed flower
buds are opened, and petals are
in full bloom.
We wonder what this mysterious
pattern you think will feel like.
The selected work for April is
by @Sugan.

한복을 입은 소녀 / @Iness_j.y_park

A woman holding a branch of
a flowering tree in one hand seems
to be on a spring outing.
The long-braided hair decorated with
colorful decorations and the hanbok
full of flowers and butterflies look
very stylish.
It makes me think of the various
colors that will be painted on white
what kind of spring color she is
enjoying right now.
The selected work for May is
by @Iness_j.y_park.

Cat cameo / @tamangoorchid19

The cat's face is reflected in
the mirror.
The messy lines around it make me
feel that the mirror is a special
If you look at the wide eyes,
it looks like the cat is startled.
We would like to hear the story of
what really happened.
The selected work for June is
by @tamangoorchid19.

2023 July coloring page / @Annuneth

The bottle on the shelf seems to
contain summer memories.
Octopuses and jellyfish are swimming
in the sea where clouds rise and
yachts float.
You can see the image of a starfish
in a small bottle next to it.
If you look at the bottles lined up
in a row, you might be able to
vividly recall the fun memories of
summer once again.
The selected work for July is
by @Annuneth.

Back on the Horse / @ArtisticJ0nes

He is riding his horse through
a canyon.
Eagles are flying high in the sky
with sharp stone mountains.
He seems to be running fast,
following the bird-guided path.
It seems a mysterious landscape full
of summer colors is waiting for you
at the place you run to.
The selected work for August is
by @ArtisticJ0nes.

On the street / @Natasha

The streets of the city leading up
to the hills are a secluded yet
quiet landscape.
The houses along the road,
the church visible beyond it, and
the luxuriantly growing trees
give off the atmosphere of
an old city.
We want to see every corner of
the city with my own eyes as I walk
along the street.
The selected work for September is
by @Natasha.

Coloring Monster's / @mckeijin

Monsters such as Frankenstein,
goblins, ghosts, mummies, and
skeletons are coming running with
scary faces.
Their destination appears to be
a candlelit cake filled with
It seems like they are rushing to
taste the cake prepared for Halloween.
The selected work for October is
by @mckeijin.

autumn to winter / @mooah

The pointed-eared fairy blows and
seems to be blowing a cold wind all
over the world.
Leaves are blowing in the strong
wind, and white snow is falling from
the sky and covering the whole
A child wearing a hat is waving
his hand in delight at the white
snow created by the fairy of winter.
The selected work for November is
by @mooah.

Orenji's Christmas Present / @Orenjineko

It seems that Christmas, which tells
the end of the year, has come.
A lot of decorations symbolizing
Christmas are hanging in
the snowy sky.
The cute cat comes with a big gift
box and is smiling brightly.
December's selected works is
by @Orenjineko, with the hope that
it will be a gift-like year
for everyone.

These are the 12 winners.

@ jinhee
@ R.A.A
@ Yun
@ Sugan
@ Iness_j.y_park
@ tamangoorchid19
@ Annuneth
@ ArtisticJ0nes
@ Natasha
@ mckeijin
@ mooah
@ Orenjineko

Thank you to everyone
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