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[Interview] HOF November 2022 @Sam

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British painter John Constable
is said to have captured
the image of the cloud
he loved in his works.

He was inspired by Luke Howard,
the scientist who named the cloud,
and drew his works with clouds or
the ones in beautiful landscapes
that exist in his surroundings.

Because his heart is in it,
his landscapes with clouds
are catching many people’s eyes
to this day.

Artist @Sam, the selected artist
in the first Hall of Fame of 2022
paints changing clouds in landscapes
and the beauty of nature vividly.

The artist's work is
full of clouds and landscapes.

Clouds are free to create
numerous shapes and beautifully
decorate the sky in landscapes.

In addition, various colors with
clouds and changes of lights
are used to draw
the beautiful nature.

We have to ask him how he started
drawing clouds and landscapes.

Now, let us begin
our interview with the artist.

Hello artist,
this is the operations team of PENUP

First of all,
congratulations on being inducted
into the November Hall of Fame.

Please provide a brief
self-introduction and impressions
of the selection process.

A1. @Sam
Hello PENUP team, thank you for
choosing me to be inducted into
the Hall of Fame in November.

It was a big surprise! I am honored.
And Hello my wonderful PENUP friends
Thank you dears for showing
your support and happiness for me
it means a lot.

My name is Samar, a Palestinian lady
live in the Middle East.

My mother told me that
the first drawing
I drew was an apple,
I drew it when I was barely
two years old..

And when my mother saw it, she said:
Oh my God, my daughter is an artist
and since then I haven't stopped

The first was posted in Dec 2020.

Since then, you've been uploading
works consistently, and we’re
curious how you came to know about
PENUP and upload your works.

A2. @Sam
The story begins several months
earlier, when I suffered a painful
injury to my arm. And I needed
a whole year to recover.

I was not able to raise my arm to
draw on canvases as I used to..and
even just holding the pencil and
pressing on the paper was painful.

So I had to stop drawing. But when
one door closes, another opens..
My old phone broke, and I got
a new one with an S Pen.

And I was checking apps on my new
phone when I discovered PENUP…
I was amazed at the beauty of
the artworks that can be drawn

And from the presence of painters
and art lovers from all over
the world. I had never tried
digital painting before, but
I wanted to give it a try. And
here I am, my arm healed, but,
what the PENUP gave me was
more than a drawing experience..
it also gave me support,
friendship, learning from
other artists, and inspiration.

You are drawing works of beautiful
color and expression.

We wonder what devices and apps
these works're being created through

A3. @Sam
PENUP is the main app I use for
my drawings.

If my drawing needs to
be mirrored I used Sketchbook app,
and if I need to write on my drawing
or need circular or oval shape,
I get them from (writing on images)
app and then complete the drawing
in PENUP app.

You drew the various appearances of
the material through beautiful
colors and expressions.

We wonder what inspired you to draw.

A4. @Sam
The details of the various materials
is what inspires me.

And I enjoy showing the advantage of
the difference between
the materials.

Among the works, the works that
realistically expressed the texture
of objects were impressive.
why do you make this expression?

Also, it seems that it will take
a long time to draw a work,
but we're curious how long it
actually takes.

A5. @Sam
When I was young, what impressed me
most was the ability of some artists
to paint the textures and details of

And I wished that one day
I could make my own drawings with
all those details and textures.

And yes, it really requires a lot of
patience, effort and time.
The least time I might need is
twelve hours. Of course there are
drawings that take several days.

Feeds with various themes,
from landscapes to objects and
people, attracted attention.

We wonder where these works are
located,and where do you get
your inspiration for the subject.

A6. @Sam
I am open to being inspired by
anything and everything.

Sometimes a word inspires me,
sometimes a feeling,
sometimes a color, and
my dear friends here inspire me too
through remixes, collaborations and

We were also able to see a feed of
the drawing process.

We’re curious as to why you're
including the process of doing this.

A7. @Sam
I think it's nice to share
the steps of drawing, it answers
the question of how it was done.

Also, if the drawing is done in
more than one application,
I write in the description box,
which application was used in which step.

And some friends expressed
that they find these steps useful
for them, and I am really glad if
it do.

I also enjoy seeing the other
artists drawing process.

We were also able to see that
the coloring design was completed
into a beautiful work.

We’re curious as to which coloring
scheme you choose to work with.

We also want to know what the charm
of a work made with coloring is.

A8. @Sam
One of the features of the PENUP app
is that in the coloring pages
artists can add their own touch.

which means, space for more
imagination and inspiration that
comes from the original drawing.

The coloring page helped me to
expanding my imagination, and
to try to use the narrow spaces
surrounding the original drawing,
and add dimension to it.

It's a kind of nice challenge,
that I put myself in to.

We were also able to see
a beautiful happy birthday message
sent to penple who are with PENUP.

We're curious as to why you're
painting this message.

We're also curious about
how these friends
are having an impact on
the artist's work.

A9. @Sam
there is a beautiful community,
cares, supports, rejoices in
good occasions and grieves on
bad ones.

I'm not the only one here who
makes cards for friends' birthday,
there are a large number of artists,
who do this too, and some of them
even draw gifts without occasion for
their friends.

I have received many beautiful gifts
whether on my birthday or without
any occasion.

Last question.

Please tell us
improvements or comments
you want to share with us
while using PENUP.

A10. @Sam
I hope that there is a possibility
to translate what the artist writes
in the description box
for the drawing.

There are many friends who depend on
the translator for communication,
and some of them may be exposed to
embarrassing situations because of
their inability to read what
the painter wrote in the description.

It will also be useful in developing
the drawing page to add the main
geometric shapes such as the circle,
square and triangle, this will
enrich us from the need to use
another application to provide it.

In the end,
thank you for this opportunity.

How was the interview with

Vittorio Regignini's works
have evoked the resentment of
many people through their romantic
appearance in vivid textures from
the dark times of technology and war
to the present.

The artist also showed various
perspectives on observation,
from various methods of drawing
through works with unique textures.

For those of you who are reading
this article,how about drawing
a picture using the texture of
the material you noticed and
observed the surroundings?

It would be fun to look closely at
light and color, and to add colors
one by one.
We hope that PENUP will also be
full of vivid works
with everyone's work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team