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[Challenge] 2022. November : Let's draw Penguin

The fusiform body, fin-like wings,
and walking, penguin is a bird
called the symbol of Antarctica.

From the largest type of penguin,
the emperor penguin, to t
he smaller penguins called little

There are also penguins that live
outside of Antarctica, such as
the Galapagos penguin that lives
in the Galapagos and
the African penguin that lives
in Africa.

There are also penguins with
various characteristics, from
he royal penguin with a yellow mane
to the Magellan penguin with its
distinctive stripes.

The 2nd challenge theme for Nov is
'Penguin' a bird that walks upright

Happiness / @CAREUS
Penguin / @JoyceArtwork

Penguins don't just live in

Of the 17 species of penguins,
six live in Antarctica, and
the rest live in various regions of
the southern hemisphere and exist
in hot regions.

Like southern Australia and desert
seas, their habitats are diverse,
and they easily adapt to various

However, the reason they cannot live
in the Arctic, which is
an environment like the Antarctic,
is because carnivores such as polar
bears and arctic foxes exist on
land where penguins mainly live.

황제팽귄 새끼떼_Emperor penguin chick'S
/ @Lentz.bc.Gim
santa penguin / @icegido

Penguins are divided into nesting
types and non-nesting types, and
males and females take turns
incubating eggs and looking for food
In the case of Adelie penguins and
Gentoo penguins, it is said that
during courtship activities,
they present smooth and pretty
stones to build their nests with.

In the case of penguins living in
cold regions, dense black feathers
and short down feathers are double
developed, and oil from the oil
glands is dipped into the feathers
to keep them warm, shiny, and

I think it would be fun to draw
a penguin that everyone was
impressed with.

Flying Penguin / @Aloha_C
Parade Penguin / @Hamve

Although penguins do have wings,
it is said that all species have
a body structure that cannot fly
at all.

The short-looking legs are also
covered by a layer of fat and are
said to be very long.

Also, penguins in polar regions
where not many people stay are
curious about people and
follow them.

It is said that penguins coexist in
a city in Argentina, and it is said
that they walk along the crosswalk
with people.

What kind of penguin do you think of
right now?

Challenge yourself with a picture of
a variety of penguins,from real ones
to those you want to be friends with.
This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from November. 16(Wed)
to November. 30(Wed).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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