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[Review] Challenge of October (1)

‘Party’, a gathering of dance, music
and various food and people, was
the theme of the second challenge
in October.
First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of October

We were able to see various aspects
of the party through this challenge.

From the appearance of the party
hall that changes depending on
the theme of the party, you could
see various party cultures such as
various clothes, food, and dance.
It was a fun time that made us want
to hold a party where everyone
gathers through the happy faces of
those who enjoy the party.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

"Bilbo's Party" / @Yana
20221017 / vibrant party
/ @c0rn3liu5

A large tree in the village where
the party was held has many lights
illuminating the surroundings.
People gather around it and talk to
people who come to eat and drink.
The yellow flame that started from
the wizard's wand is probably
a milestone that guides visitors to
the village.
It’s presented by @Yana.

DJs seem to be playing exciting
music at the party.
The colorful lights color the walls
in red, and the twinkling lights
fill the party hall like stars.
Guided by the music and light,
people are slowly gathering into
the party hall.
The lively atmosphere seems to make
people watching.
It’s presented by @c0rn3liu5.

let's party / @Poppy
Cats halloween party / @Cath

People seem to be dancing happily
right now.
The lights pouring in all directions
are sparkling in various colors, and
in a dark place, the silhouettes of
people are colored with colorful
Raising both hands high and cheering
makes me want to dance with you.
It’s presented by @Poppy.

A Halloween party seems to have
begun in Cat Village.
From wizards to princesses and
vampires, cats in various costumes
seem to be enjoying the party with
bright smiles.
Looking at the sweet treats around
them, they seem to have come to
the dessert shop to give to
the children who will come in
the evening.
It’s presented by @Cath.

(Untitled) / @HANALOVE
Harvest Party / @Kchana

Looks like a party was held on
the roof for the kid who had his
The children and the cat are wearing
cone hats and colorful clothes,
and many decorations are sitting
in front of the cake.
As if to announce the start of
the party, the bubbles and fireworks
filling the sky will make a special
birthday party that will be
remembered for a lifetime.
It’s presented by @HANALOVE.

Women in traditional attire gather
in the fields to dance or clap their
Seeing the fields ripening yellow,
it seems that harvest season is
coming soon.
They're probably for a party after
the harvest By practicing dance.
It’s presented by @Kchana.

one-man Xmas party / @JXB
Let's party / @AntoineKhanji

An older man perched on a tree.
From the star at the top of the tree
to the decorations around it,
it looks like he's preparing for
a Christmas party.
Looking at the lonely expression on
his face.
it seems that no one came to
the party he prepared.
Reminds us of Scrooge's story,
It’s presented by @JXB.

Colored pollen flies like snow in
the sky, and a person with a guitar
is playing in a place where
countless lights gather.
People raise their hands and cheer
at the sound of his guitar.
The colorful concert hall created
by music, lighting and pollen seems
to have become a party hall full of
fun and excitement.
It’s presented by @AntoineKhanji.

Celebration of Friendship / @Dr.Gazi

Beautiful fireworks are exploding in
the night sky as if decorating
the finale of a party held in
the city.
With him, lanterns with wishes
floating in various places are
embroidered all over the city, and
the three people gathered by
the river are also flying lanterns
that lit up the lights together.
This lantern seems to contain
a wish for a long-lasting friendship
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

●Party for rich people/부자들을 위한 파티●
/ @Cheonsa_63

With a sparkling crown and a large
jade necklace, she seems to be
the star of the party.
She is dressed beautifully in a red
dress and a transparent cardigan,
but there is a cold feeling on her
I'm curious about her story with
a serious expression on her face at
a party full of splendor and joy.
It’s presented by @Cheonsa_63.

These are the 10 winners.

@ Cheonsa_63
@ Yana
@ c0rn3liu5
@ Dr.Gazi
@ Cath
@ AntoineKhanji
@ Kchana
@ Poppy

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of November,
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We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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