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[HOF] November 2022 @Sam

We express various textures in
our paintings.

From the three-dimensional effect
created by light and shadow to
the various curves and
weather-changing materials and
landscapes, we paint with colors to
capture various textures
in paintings.

The texture in the picture is
realistic and pleasing to the eye,
but it also dazzles the eyes by
adding a feeling of unreality.

In November, the Hall of Fame is
a texture that expresses
the surrounding landscape through
beautiful colors and lines.
@Sam, who is showing us a different
world of art, has been selected.

The artist's works contain
vivid images of objects.

From the rough texture of wood to
the freshness of grass,
to the softness of flowers,
it captures the feeling of
the material, creating a vivid
feeling as if you were facing it
right in front of your eyes.

At the Same time, the textures
contained in the beautiful works
of imagination can realistically
produce various situations unfolding
in the paintings and create
new stories.

In addition, he shows various
imaginations through coloring works
containing his own expression,
and captures the beauty of light
and shadow through still life

Through the process of transferring
the appearance of various materials
seen through the artist's eyes into
a painting, he also teaches
the importance of observation
and how to draw.

Visit the artist's feed now and
meet beautiful works full of
vivid textures.

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Please look forward to the interview
with the author in the future.

Thank you.

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