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[Review] Challenge of September (2)

‘Fog’, which is called the curtain
that covers the world, was the theme
of the second challenge in September.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of September

We were able to see misty landscapes
through this challenge.

We could see a variety of thick and
light fogs that veiled and changed
the feel of the landscape, it was
a fun time to think of new stories
through the dreamy and unique
sensibility that the fog creates.

Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Shadows in the fog / @Sam
Fishing in the night / @Abex

A man in a hood is walking on
a foggy forest road.
The vivid red leaves of the trees
that fill the surroundings create
a gloomy feeling in harmony with
the fog.
We wonder what the identity of
the hooded person with the hazy
house disappearing into the mist is.
It’s presented by @Sam.

A cool stream of water is falling
down the steep cliff of the mountain.
A stream of water falling into
the river meets the water surface
and creates a mist of water.
A man who floated the boat using
the high moon as a light is casting
a fishing rod in the river.
A fish hiding in a waterfall
surrounded by mist seems to
be waiting for him.
It’s presented by @Abex.

Fog colors ☆ / @Nisia
Silence / @One2three

A pink mist bloomed in the dark
night sky.
A tree full of white flowers is
shining like a star in the mist
scattered all over the place.
If you come across a landscape
like this somewhere, you'll be lost
in the dreamy trees and fog while
just staring blankly.
It’s presented by @Nisia.

A thick fog surrounds the wide lake.
The fog that covered the whole area
was contained in the water surface,
and it seems that even a small boat
is floating on the clouds.
A sailor in a hat, sitting at
the end of the boat, seems to
be admiring the serene scenery,
watching the birds fly through
the mist.
It’s presented by @One2three.

Foggy Tree / @bessbess
(Untitled) /@vlad

The bare trees with fallen leaves
are filled with pure white fog.
Even the sun shining through
the branches is obscured by
the thick fog.
The trees are all covered in white.
The fog that covers this forest
may be a fog created by snow.
It’s presented by @bessbess.

A man on a horse stands in
the thick fog.
The horse has only bones left, and
its scary blue eyes are shining,
and the person riding on it appears
to have no head.
The identity of these people, who
appear to have appeared with
a gloomy mist, is probably
the headless rider in Celtic
mythology, Dullahan.
What do you think?
It’s presented by @vlad.

Light fog / @AntoineKhanji
Foggy Lake / @MissyJ

The ship has its sails folded and
is stopped on the river.
The thickly blooming water mist is
tinted with a soft yellow light,
receiving the unknown light from
where it is coming from.
The red cloth draped over the water
along the boat will spread forward.
It seems to be implying an event of
It reminds of us many stories,
It’s presented by @AntoineKhanji.

Rain is pouring in the cloudy sky.
The fog that fills the lakeside with
purple flowers blooming everywhere
is hanging like a thin curtain.
Birds full of birds are probably
flying in the sudden rain while
admiring the misty lake scenery.
It’s presented by @MissyJ.

Night in the fog / @Jaume_vp
Mood / @Dr.Gazi

It's raining in the city, people
with umbrellas are passing by.
The fog created by the rain seems to
cover all sides enough to obscure
the buildings in the distance.
The person who lights the streetlamp
seems to be struggling to light up
the night street that has come
quickly because of rain and fog.
It’s presented by @Jaume_vp.

A boat floats over a misty river
that seems to be obscured by
a brightly shining sun.
He seems to be rowing, stopping on
the river to admire the foggy
The unique atmosphere created by
the sun shining through
the hazy mist makes me understand
why he stopped.
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

These are the 10 winners.

@ Sam
@ Nisia
@ Dr.Gazi
@ Abex
@ AntoineKhanji
@ bessbess
@ vlad
@ MissyJ
@ One2three
@ Jaume_vp

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of October,
‘Let’s draw Volacano’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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