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[Challenge] 2022. October : Let's draw Party

We enjoy various parties
in our daily life.

Blow out the candles on the cake
for a birthday party every year or
exchange food and gift sitting
by Christmas tree.

Entering school or graduating
and having a celebration party,
or we are commemorating
a special day,
two or several people gather
to laugh and talk together.

The second challenge theme
in October is 'Party',
a gathering to commemorate
a special day.

First Dance / @AleeArtist
dance / @Felicita

The party has changed
a lot with the times.

It is said that in Greek times,
parties were an act of lying down,
eating, and talking.

In Roman times, tunes were played,
and in the Middle Ages musicians,
clowns and bards appeared
at parties.

In the Renaissance era,
it was reborn as a place
of socialization,
culture, and diplomacy.
Various dances and party music,
including waltz, were born.

Dance In The Galaxy / @Yousif_Aqeel
to party / @Delima

It is said that parties were
initially reserved for men.

In the Middle Ages, women were
allowed to participate in parties,
and it is said that the etiquette
to be observed was established.

Since then, culture, society,
and diplomacy
have been transformed into forms
that can show wealth and power.
the clothes become glamorous,
It is said that unusual ingredients
such as coffee and chocolate
and colorful party food appeared.

I think it would be fun to draw
what you think of a fancy party.

☆LIQUID PARTY☆ / @z3dmax
mask dance / @Chris

The party is getting more
and more diverse.

It is not a big party
and place like in the past,
but friends, lovers,
and family gather and hold it.

It is said that there are cases
where they hold a unique party
using various spaces such
as a river or a mountain.

Food is also not fancy,
but you can make or order
each other's favorite food.
It is changing into a form
of enjoying together.

What kind of party
do you think of right now?

Take on the challenge
by painting a variety of parties,
from the party you actually
experienced to the gorgeous look
you imagined.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from October. 16(Sun)
to October. 31(Mon).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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