2022-09-29. AM 02:30
[HOF] October 2022 @pokapoka

The appearance of nature often
evokes various imaginations.

From the big clouds floating in
the sky Imagine a world where
the gods live or recall a monster
in rage from the appearance of rough

Looking at the vast meadows and
forests, we imagine wanting to meet
animals and see the creation of
numerous legends through falling
falls and rocks in unique shape.

In the October Hall of Fame,
@pokapoka , who inspires us with
a beautiful imagination
in a realistic natural landscape,
was selected for the October Hall of Fame.

Nature and imagination are
beautifully harmonized in the
artist's work.

Animals, plants, and people are
captured in landscapes that change
according to the season and weather
enable us to imagine the creatures
living in the nature.

The colors and expressions that
contain the changes that go along
with this make us feel the dynamism
of nature, as well as the strong
vitality of beings living in

In addition, the artist observes
the subject matter of interest from
various angles and expresses it
meticulously, and shows the joy of
drawing his interest.

From the perspective of looking at
the landscape through the subject
matter of interest, such as a wolf
or a bicycle, to how to capture
the subject matter, the artist is
also showing a variety of
perspectives on painting.

Visit the artist's feed now and
discover the beautiful nature and
beautiful imagination through them.

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