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[Challenge] 2022. October : Let's draw Volcano

It is said that rocks in the earth
become magma under the influence of
temperature, pressure, and various
gases, and explode when the pressure
is strong.

Magma that erupts outside the
surface of the earth creates large
mountains, or accumulates under
the sea to form large and small

In this process, huge amounts of
smoke and steam are generated or
rivers of magma flow, numerous
rockers are created or the
surrounding environment is changed
to create a unique landscape.

The 1st challenge theme for October
is 'Volcano', which is called
the anger of the earth.

Volcano / @DigitalArtMP
Volcano / @AntoineKhanji

Volcanoes are said to have been
thought of as places related to gods
or those related to them in ancient

In Greek mythology, it was thought
to be a place where the gods who
had lost the war were imprisoned
The ancient Romans thought that
the word was a phenomenon of
hammering by Vulcan, the god of
blacksmiths, from which the word
was derived.

In Hawaii, there is a story of
the goddess who made the islands,and
there are records of other countries
such as people thought it was
the god that brings luck or disaster
left in the records.

volcano / @keltoi
Nature's fury / @ANU

Volcanoes are said to have created
many works of art.

Pompeii, called the city of legend,
was discovered and many painters
are said to have painted pictures of
the eruptions of Pompeii and
Vesuvius volcanoes.

It is said that the multicolored
volcanic glow that did not disappear
from the eruption of Tambora Volcano
in Indonesia influenced
William Turner's work and it is said
that the novel Frankenstein by
Mary Shelley was born in the gloomy
atmosphere created by the changed

Drawing inspiration in picture
from seeing a volcano would be

volcano /@Grant
volcano / @zak

Volcanoes are a phenomenon that
causes damage to property and
human life, and also brings climate
change, but there are also several

Volcanic ash makes the land fertile,
and can be used as a tourist
destination due to the hot springs
and the changed landscape.

In addition,
it is possible to generate
electricity using geothermal heat
and to produce useful minerals that
are only produced by
volcanic activity.

What kind of volcano do you think of
right now?

From the unique scenery created
by the volcano to the various
imaginations through it,
join the challenge by painting
the image of the volcano
you think of.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Oct. 1(Sat) to Oct. 15(Sat).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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