2015-07-23. AM 02:11
  • Hello, PEN.ples~.

    PEN.UP offers a place where you can share pictures and communicate with each other.
    Today, we are going to talk about a rather sensitive issue as to sharing pictures.

    Recently, the staff has received many reports from PEN.ple about pictures being used without permission.

    Some people take others' pictures without permission, and remove the author's signature and upload them without any comment.
    And some people even participate in the challenges by taking some pictures going around on the Internet.

    Sometimes lots of original works, damaged by others, are uploaded, which certainly offends the authors.

    Actually, there have been several cases that a participant submitted a stolen picture during the challenges.
    We hope these cases will never happen again.

    No matter how good it is, we are sure that all of you are well aware of how many hours and how much effort should be invested for a single work.

    And using works registered for license without permission is an infringement of the author's copyright, which can naturally lead to a litigation.
    Even if the work is not registered for license, using others' works without permission would certainly be much of disrespect to the author who has created them.

    We hope every member of PEN.ple will respect others' creativity and honor their works in a proper way.

    And when remixing others' works, don't remove the original author's signature, so that the copyright of the author could be protected.
    ("Remix" is a feature with which you can try collaborations with others.)

    Report to us whenever you find your works or others' are being used without permission.
    You can use the "Flag content" function inside the app.
  • PEN.UP will always try to make this community fairer and more pleasant.