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[Review] Challenge of September (1)

'Hedgehog', a cute animal
with spiny prickles, it was
the first challenge topic in Sep.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.
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the 1st challenge of September

We could see the appearance of
a hedgehog through this challenge.

It was a great that that we were
able to see the ecology of hedgehogs
and their different appearances
through various works and realize
the charm of hedgehogs that are not
common to see through various
artworks with their appearance with
sharp prickles.

Thank you everyone who participated
in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Little hedgehog / @KFC_leY
(Untitled) / @HammadKhan

Looking at his grimacing expression
and frantic gestures, the hedgehog
seems to have been hit by a sudden
drop of water.
The sky is full of dark clouds, and
it looks like it will rain anytime
Coincidentally, a hedgehog that is
hit by water droplets on a blade of
grass may mistake it for rain.
It’s presented by @KFC_leY.

A hedgehog sits on the stump of
a deep forest tree.
It seems that the hedgehog wandered
all over the thick forest, and
the leaves and grass were clumped
between the thorns.
It looks like he's taking a break
now, but it looks like he's going to
walk around the forest like
a playground with his thorns stiff.
It’s presented by @HammadKhan.

HEDGEHOG 고슴도치의 나들이 / @jinhee
Captain Hedge / @danielwear

A hedgehog sticks out its head
on the back of a tree and looks
around with bright eyes.
Looking at the scenery with
the butterflies fly in the sky, buds
grow and colorful flowers bloom,
the hedgehog seems to have gone
for a walk to sunbathe in the warm
It’s presented by @jinhee.

You can see a hedgehog holding
the rudder on the highest point of
the boat.
Looking at the Breton hat and
the blue and white crossed clothes,
it seems to be the captain of this
ship. Seeing its bright smile,
the weather at the sea today is
clear and the waves look calm.
An interesting imagination,
it’s presented by @danielwear.

Full Moon Celebration / @Diana
Hanging Out... ☆♡☆♡ / @LisaBme

A hedgehog holding a heart-shaped
lantern seems to have gone out for
a night walk to see the moon by
the lakeside where the fireflies
A fairy and a rabbit can be seen
on the large, round moon in
the distance.
In Eastern mythology, there is
a story of fairies and rabbits
living on the moon.
Perhaps the hedgehog went out
for a walk to see this mysterious
It’s presented by @Diana.

A hedgehog with gray thorns can
be seen in the grass full of
yellow flowers.
Looking at the flower on
its cute foot, it looks like she
went into the grass to take this
flower and then came out.
Perhaps the hedgehog is a flower
for a gift to someone it cares about
It’s presented by @LisaBme.

달맞이 / @a.t
Sad hedgehog / @Yana

On a dark night, a round full moon
appeared under the branches of
a tree.
There is a story that the two
hedgehogs that lived in the tree
greet the moon and make a wish on
the full moon and it will come true
The reason the two hedgehogs look at
the moon may be making a wish.
It’s presented by @a.t.

In front of the lake that seems to
be the end of autumn, a black
hedgehog that looks lonely and
lonely is sitting in the rain with
a dreary figure.
The hedgehog splashing around
the pitiful lake with a branch in
its hand is making an expression like
it's about to cry.
Looking at the gradually
cloudy weather, it seems that other
friends have gone into hibernation
early and are left alone.
It’s presented by @Yana.

Looking for Shelter in the Rain ♡♡♡
/ @helgi
Orenji's Little Friend / @Orenjineko

Rain is pouring in the gray sky.
In the green field with
white flowers, it looks like
a hedgehog with mushrooms as
an umbrella is taking a walk.
By looking at the hedgehog's deep
eyes looking around, it seems to be
admiring the scenery that only rainy
days can show.
It’s presented by @helgi.

A small hedgehog sits on
the head of an orange cat.
It is looking around with
a surprised face to see if there are
many strange things around it.
Seeing the winking cat,
there is maybe something special
being prepared for the hedgehog.
It’s presented by @Orenjineko.

These are the 10 winners.

@ helgi
@ jinhee
@ Yana
@ a.t
@ LisaBme
@ KFC_leY
@ HammadKhan
@ danielwear
@ Orenjineko
@ iana

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 2nd challenge of September,
‘Let’s draw Fog’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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