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[Challenge] 2022. September : Let's draw Fog

The fog that suddenly blooms
and covers the surroundings makes
the scenery special.

It creates a different feeling
depending on the sun and the moon,
or the colorful lights of the city.
It also makes the landscape thicker
or blurry to give a new appearance
in the place.

It blooms in mountains, the sea,
and wide fields,and makes you
imagine the scenery behind it.
It flows like water among
the forests of buildings in the city
and serves as a curtain that
temporarily hides the daily life of
a busy city.

The second challenge theme
in September is ‘Fog’, which is
called the veil that covers
the world.

Water fog / @SSB
fog / @Aspin

Fog is a condition in which
the temperature of the atmosphere
drops for some reason, and water
vapor becomes small water particles
and floats in the air.

Although the principle of formation
is similar to that of clouds,
but it is a phenomenon that is not
included in clouds.

In particular, it is a phenomenon
that is difficult to forecast
because the cause of its formation
is not accurate, such as causing
rapid changes depending on
the environment as well as the usual
weather conditions.

Therefore, it is said that fog
appears suddenly from the sea or
forest to mountains or cities
and then disappears at some point.

foggy sunrise / @shoz
horse in the fog / @nuni

Fog blocks vision,
but the various colors and lights
that softly shine through them
create a sense of perspective
and the atmosphere as if wrapped
in a veil is attractive.

In particular, it is said that
painters who visited England,where
fog occurs frequently, left a lot of
works while watching the fickle

Among them, Claude Monet said,
"London without fog would not be
beautiful, and the fog breathed
a great breath into London."
as it shows his love for
the landscape of the city in fog.

It would be great to draw
the landscape in foggy day
that impressed you.

Driving in the fog / @AntoineKhanji
a boat / @Mike_Siv

Fog is used as a device to give or
make a unique feeling in various

Appearing in horror films,
it maximizes fear by obscuring
the audience's view, and
in mysterious works, it hints at
an unknown future.

In addition, they play various roles
such as adding to the feeling of
a character or making a familiar
place mysterious.

What kind of fog do you think of?
Join the challenge with various
forms of fog from the foggy
surrounding landscapes
you often see to various
imaginations through them.
This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from September. 16(Fri)
to September. 30(Fri).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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