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[Review] Challenge of August (2)

a mysterious being with wings, was
the theme of the second challenge
in August.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of August

I was able to see various angels
through this challenge.

From the appearance of various
angels appearing in the scriptures
of various religions, various
features and scenery of heaven were
also seen, and it was a happy moment
to imagine new stories through
the appearance of angels created
by everyone’s imagination.

Thank you everyone who participated
in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

ଘ○_○ଓ / @route_12
angel magic caster / @tosi73

A statue stands on the moonlit lake.
A woman seems to be sitting
in prayer in front of a statue of
an angel with spread wings with
a spear and a shield.
Looking at the pink wings taking
shape on her back, it seems that
she is wishing to become an angel
resembling a statue.
It’s presented by @route_12.

We see a beautiful angel with white
wings and pink hair.
Like a wizard in a fantasy,
she wears a splendid white dress and
has a magic book to cast magic and
a magic staff like the sun and stars
By looking at the point finger on
her lips, she seems to be telling us
that her identity is a secret.

♡ Colorful Angel ♡ / @z3dmax
Forest angel / @Goldie

The angel's head has a yellow ring,
and on its back are wings made of
colorful feathers.
She raises her hands high with
an excited face.
Seeing her hair and clothes
fluttering, she seems to be dancing
in the sky and spreading
the happiness that she feels
to the world.
It’s presented by @z3dmax.

Various ducks can be seen in
the forest where the trees are
thickly blooming.
A bright beam of light is pouring
through the lush trees on a woman
in white in a mysterious place full
of ducks.
Her true identity with ducks in
a deserted forest is probably
an angel protecting the forest.
It’s presented by @Goldie.

Venus Spanking Cupid in front of
2 victims / @2catsnow
수호천사♡ / @juni_HH

A woman holding her wings to prevent
her from escaping is scolding
a baby angel.
Looking at the large seashell
on which the woman sat and
the broken bow on the floor,
it looks like Cupid and his mother,
Venus, who were the motifs of
the baby angel.
Seeing the fish and the people
hugging each other affectionately
after being shot by arrows in
the distance, we can understand why
Cupid is being scolded for the pranks
he committed.
It’s presented by @2catsnow.

On a dark moonlit night, under
the lights of a streetlamp, I see
two people pulling a cart.
The person who pushes you from
behind has angel wings, so, it looks
like a guardian angel who protects
the person who pulls the cart.
It is said that each person has
an angel who protects them.
We wonder if there are guardian
angels living around us who can help
It’s presented by @juni_HH.

(Untitled) / @princess8.19
my little angels / @Haneen

Turning her head to look at someone,
she looks like an angel.
The feathers sprouting like flowers
along the white dress will soon grow
into big wings that can fly in
the sky.
The sad-looking face and
the mysterious, dark colors of
the landscape make it feel like
she will soon spread her wings and
fly away.
It’s presented by @princess8.19.

Little angels sit on her shoulders.
The angel writing something with
a sad expression and the angel
looking at something he wrote seem
to have different thoughts about
her actions.
Seeing her smiling face makes me
wonder what is causing the angels
to have different expressions.
It’s presented by @Haneen.

Find an Angel :) / @aristina.z

An angel with white wings spread out
in a sparkling dress and a splendid
Beautifully blooming flowers all
around are falling like snow, making
the area around the walking path
into a beautiful flower path.
Looking at the place where
the bright light pours in
the distance, We think this is
probably the way to heaven where
angels live.
It’s presented by @aristina.z.

●Angel/천사● / @Cheonsa_63

Twinkling feathers are falling like
snow around the angel with the blue
glowing ring.
The red devil's horned headband in
his hand and his serious expression
make it seem like he's struggling to
become a demon.
We wonder what kind of charm he will
show when he wears a headband with
It’s presented by @Cheonsa_63.

These are the 10 winners.

@ route_12
@ z3dmax
@ 2catsnow
@ aristina.z
@ juni_HH
@ Cheonsa_63
@ tosi73
@ Goldie
@ princess8.19
@ Haneen

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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