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[Challenge] 2022. September : Let's draw Hedgehog

There are many different types of
hedgehogs with pointed spines on
their backs.

There is also the Snow Champagne
with orange spines,the four-toed
hedgehog with brown spines, and
Brandt hedgehog with black spines

There is also a kind called cinnamon
because it resembles the color of
cinnamon, Albino that has
white spines and body and long-ear
hedgehog that has long ears,
there are hedgehogs of different
colors and appearances
in different parts of the world.

The first challenge topic for September is
'Hedgehog' a cute animal looks like
chestnut bur.

Heart of the little Hedgehog / @Ayca
Hedgehog in the fog / @SleepingFear

It is said that the sharp thorns of
the chestnut hedgehog are made of
deformed hair.

The thorns, which play a role in
maintaining body temperature like
hair, are filled with air and
are said to be very flexible, and
they feel like touching thin scales
or hard hair.

In the case of snakes, they seem to
prey on hedgehogs, but because of
their thorns, they cannot be
tightened, and they have a strong
resistance to poison, so they are
one of the representative natural
enemies of snakes.

(Untitled) / @jinhee
Hedgehog / @Gilbert

The hedgehog is said to be an animal
known both in the East and West
for its image of stealing crops.

There are still many paintings
depicting hedgehogs running away
carrying crops on their backs and
they are loved as the symbol of
fertility with many babies.

In some places, it is regarded as
an animal that gave advice on how to
make the world, and as a symbol of
wisdom that taught him how to
make fire.
It would be great to draw
the image of the hedgehog you think.

Happy hedgehog / @MonSouhait
Hedgehog Snowglobe / @TonyFarvio

When you look at a hedgehog's
thorns, it looks like it will hurt
anything it approaches,
but it's not true.

In the case of a newborn hedgehog,
the thorns are soft like fur,
and when it is cold, the thornless
head is said to be facing each other

If necessary, the thorns are laid
down to approach each other,and
even if they communicate with pets
for a long period of time,
the thorns are laid down so that
they do not get hurt.

What kind of hedgehog do you
think of right now?

From living in nature to imagining
through thorns,try to draw to join
the challenge with a variety of

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Sep. 1(Thu) to Sep. 15(Thu).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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